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Opcon Bioenergy, a subsidiary of Opcon AB, the energy and environmental
technology Group, has received an order to deliver machinery for the
expansion of Skara Energi's bioenergy plant, Uddetorp. The 8 MW
expansion at the plant will be equipped, like the existing installation,
with Opcon's flue gas condensation solution at around 2 MW. Flue gas
condensation provides improved energy efficiency of up to 25% by
recycling large amounts of the waste heat that is normally emitted
through the chimney while cleaning the flue gases at the same time. When
the expansion is completed, bioenergy capacity at Uddetorp will double
from the 2010 level of around 45 GWh produced from around 55,000 cubic
metres of wood chips.
The deal is a complete machinery contract with Opcon supplying all the
equipment for the expansion, including kiln, hot water boiler, handling
equipment plus advanced flue gas condensation and cleaning to improve
energy efficiency and reduce emissions of particles and other
substances. The delivery does not include pipes, electricity or
construction, just machinery.
The delivery, which will be carried out in 2012, will mean an expansion
of Skara Energi's existing plant that was also supplied by an Opcon
company. The order is worth around SEK 17 million.
“We are very pleased to be helping Skara Energi once again to expand its
capacity for district heating based on bioenergy and thus help them in
their efforts to improve the environment with fewer emissions,” says
Rolf Hasselström, President and CEO of Opcon.
Opcon Bioenergy is part of Opcon's Waste To Value initiative with a
special focus on Waste Heat Recovery and bioenergy. Within the bioenergy
sector, Opcon Bioenergy offers everything from the design of complete
combined heat and power (CHP) plants to handling systems and
incineration plants under the Saxlund brand.
Under the Renergi brand, systems are supplied for cleaning and improved
energy efficiency for bioenergy-powered district heating plants,
sawmills, pellets producers and commercial greenhouses. The offer also
includes flue gas condensation equipment for industrial activities as
well as drying systems for biomass. The Opcon Group also supplies Opcon
Powerbox for production of green electricity produced from hot water or
wet steam.
For further information, please contact
Niklas Johansson, vice president, Investor Relations, Opcon AB, tel. +46
8-466 45 00,+46-70-592 54 53
Opcon AB, Box 15085, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel. +46 8-466 45 00, fax+46 8-716 76 61
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (
The Opcon Group
Opcon is an energy and environmental technology Group that develops,
produces and markets systems and products for eco-friendly, efficient
and resource-effective use of energy.
Opcon has activities in Sweden, China, Germany and the UK. There are
around 400 employees. The company's shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX
Stockholm. The Group comprises two business areas:
Renewable Energy focuses on the following areas: electricity generation
based on waste heat, bioenergy-powered heating and CHP plants, pellets
plants, drying of biomass, handling systems for biomass, sludge and
natural gas, industrial cooling, flue gas condensation, treatment of
flue gases and air systems for fuel cells.
Engine Efficiency focuses on energy-efficient solenoid technology and
ignition systems for combustion engines including ethanol, natural gas
and biogas engines.

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