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Zapagromash Group is one of the leading companies in the CIS producing machinery for cattle breeding and feeding. More than 2000 TMR-mixers work successfully on the farms in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

Zapagromash Group is known for its highly professional approach, experienced personnel, high quality of the production, warranty and service. The company has very positive reputation and is widely viewed as a reliable partner. Major activities of «Zapagromash» Ltd. are manufacturing and delivery of agricultural machinery. The production facilities of Zapagromash in Belarus are located on the territory of 4.500 m2, while the office area occupies 500 m2. In 2008 TMR-mixers production was launched in Russia on the basis of the Intensive Technologies enterprise where the rented production facilities occupy 2000 m2 and office premises - 50 m2. Both enterprises employ 130 people, among them 60 people work in administration. 

Solutions for cattle breeding
The group has established lasting business relations with major European agricultural machinery manufacturers, organized production and delivery of up-to-date equipment for cattle breeding and other branches. The machinery produced by the group is valued for its quality, reliability and by that it complies with the European quality standards which all enable farmers to achieve high production results. At present the plants of the group manufacture TMR-mixer ISRK «KHOZYAIN» in different modifications under the license of the European manufacturers using proprietary parts. TMR-mixer is exported to many CIS countries. All the products of Zapagromash are known within the CIS territory under the brand name Khozyain. The machines have obtained appropriate quality certificates and the quality has been proved by positive feedback from customers.

Quality is a key word in all Zapagromash activities. The company sees its main goals in the following:

- to provide clients with the best solutions among those available in cattle feeding and breeding industry;
- to produce TMR-mixers using state-of-the-art technologies of the Western companies;
- to implement effective and energy saving technologies of cattle feeding and breeding on farms;
- to be a company open for cooperation;
- to encourage a personal improvement of each worker;
- to use company’s profits in an optimal and the most effective way to increase well-being of every person involved in the company and of the local society.

The company also renders services in technical consulting, machinery delivery, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service, delivery of spare parts and consumables.

Milestones of product development
Zapagromash company had several significant milestones in its development which defined the company’s dynamic growth. In 2001 Zapagromash signed a contract for production of special machinery under license of the Italian company Storti and then the first TMR-mixer ISRK-12 with horizontal augers was produсed. Next within 3 years the production of ISRK-12G machines with self-loading function as well as ISRK-12F with loading mill was launched and put into serial production. Later on in 2004 the production of TMR-mixers with vertical augers was launched which extended a list of the machines offered and increase of a number of Zapagromash clients. In 2010 Zapagromash first presented its Khozyain New Line machines - vertical mixer feeders with bunkers of 6 and 21 m3, which are absolutely new machines in the Khozyain product range. Another addition to the product range was ISRK-12F - a modified horizontal TMR-mixer of advanced design. Since 2001 the company has been actively implementing highly cost-effective and efficient technology of cattle feeding using the mobile TMR-mixers drawn by tractor motor drive. For example,the tractor motor-drawn feed processing room — ISRK-12 „Khozyain” is manufactured under license and uses components from the leading European manufacturers. This machine helps increase milking and actual increment by 15 – 30 %, reduce costs for fodder preparation, save fuel and power. So, basically it all results in automatization of work which helps reduce costs considerably using human resources in other tasks and naturally saving fodder due to its better eatability.

Design advantages
All TMR-mixers are characterized by high reliability due to use of the main parts produced by the best European companies. Most quickly-wearing parts are produced by Zapagromash, therefore all parts can be supplied very quickly. The design of the machines is continuously being improved, on the basis of the information received from end customers, becoming more and more advanced. Zapagromash pays special attention to the high level of service. The TMR-mixers have a 12-months warranty after which Zapagromash provides post-warranty service and supply of spare parts. There is a developed service system created in Russia - with 50 service centers on the basis of dealer’s enterprises. The main parts guarantee smooth work of feeding machine up to 10 years. TMR-mixer is shipped with an extended package of spare parts for the post-warranty period. There are a number of important features of the Khozyain machines, which give them the following advantages: certification in Russia and Belarus and all-around testing, adaptation to conditions of the CIS countries. Moreover, due to the dimensions they can be operated without the premises reconstruction. Each feature of the machine is worked out perfectly for specific works. The two-auger machine with special knives is the most efficient for milling of long-fibre straw and hay, as well as root crops. Whereas 2-speed unique gearbox is engineered to use four speeds of the auger rotation and choose optimal modes for various types of components (depending on humidity, milling and compaction). The independent hydraulic system, in its turn, provides high reliability and durability. The TMR-mixers are equipped with electronic weighing system with memory. 12 m3 capacity provides fodder for 1000 head per shift. Finally, one of the most important things for potential customers is that the payback period for the herd of 1000 heads is 6 months. It is achieved by productivity increase, power saving technology, reduction of costs for medications, labour saving technology, improvement of fodder digestion, use of straw and other fodder rich in dietary fiber.

10 years of development
The main treasure of Zapagromash is the team of professionals. All people working in the design group, service and commercial departments are highly-qualified and have been trained at the best plants of Europe being fully devoted to their work. The company’s management has chosen the right business strategy, i.e. implementation of new technologies into cattle breeding industry and providing the producers of agricultural goods with the reliable and highly-effective machines as well as the qualified technical maintenance. For 10 years of its work Zapagromash has been able to win the clients’ trust. More than 2000 machines work around the whole year through summer and winter from the Black Sea to the Kamchatka Peninsula. The first machines produced by Zapagromash 10 years ago are still working and bringing its owners real profit. Clients’ trust and good reputation of the company are the main achievements of the 10 years of intensive work. Moreover for 10 years Zapagromash has been consequently developing its dealer and service network in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. The technological processes were improved as well as new machines were purchased. The production facilities in Russia were founded. All this was achieved within a relatively short period of time. The future plans of Zapagromash involve further extension of the product range, improvement of the machines and taking stronger position in the CIS countries. Zapagromash is open for cooperation with the European countries.

Recognition of achievements
Products of Zapagromash were highly appreciated not only by the customers but also by different organizations. For example, in 2000-2003 in Moscow «KHOZYAIN» had been three times awarded with medals at the All-Russian agro-industrial exhibition as “The Best Machine for Agriculture”. In 2009 Khozyain TMR-mixers were awarded with the prize as „The Best Cattle Breeding Machine” in independent competition organized within the largest international exhibition in the CIS Zolotaya Osen. In 2010 RVS-1500D was awarded with the silver medal in an independent professional competition of innovative machinery held within Agrosalon-2010 fair in Moscow. Whereas mixer feeder SRK-21B Khozyain New Line was awarded with the golden medal in a competition in the New Types of Engineering production Nomination. These awards prove high reliability and innovation of the Zapagromash machines. 

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