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Cascais, January 21, 2022 – Logoplaste is proud to announce that EcoIbéria and WorldPET, two leading companies in the production of recycled PET flakes and rPET, are now part of the Logoplaste Group. Both companies, located in the North of Portugal, have extensive experience in recycling PET, focusing on the transformation of post-consumer plastic bales into food grade recycled flakes and pellets. The transaction is still subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Currently, Ecoibéria manages 47.500 tons of plastic a year – sorting, grinding, washing and transforming it into usable raw material for the plastics industry. On the other hand, WorldPET recently installed a new Erema VACUNITE® 2 system that is able to supply 12.000 tons of food grade rPET per year.

Jorge Lemos will remain as CEO of both businesses, helping to drive growth as well as ramp up the recently added capacity. For him this new partnership means: “The possibility to continue to evolve and develop an activity that is vital for the green economy. The partnership with Logoplaste aims to ensure that the company I founded in 2005, under the name Ecoibéria, plays an increasingly important role in the evolution of the PET recycling industry globally. Together, we will help society reach a balance in its consumption habits reducing the consumption of finite natural resources and increasing the usage of recycled materials. Above all, we want to contribute to a sustainable planet today and enabling a safe environment for future generations.”

This acquisition is a strategic step for Logoplaste towards a circular economy for plastic packaging. The combination of Logoplaste, a recognized innovation leader, with the extensive recycling knowledge of EcoIbéria and WorldPET, will allow the Group to provide its customers with truly circular packaging solutions that drastically reduce carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

Logoplaste and its partners are committed to reach 100% of recyclable packaging and a target of 30% recycled content for beverage packaging by 2025.

Gerardo Chiaia, Logoplaste’s CEO, said: “We are excited to welcome EcoIberia and WorldPET as part of Logoplaste’s Group. This natural step reinforces our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging we produce. We believe that plastic packaging plays an essential role in the reduction of CO2 emissions, as long as it is designed and produced to be a perfect fit for circularity. Due to our wall to wall business model, Logoplaste is a market leader with minimum CO2 emissions per bottle produced. We will continue to work to consolidate our leadership and help our partners reach their sustainability goals.”

In summary, this new partnership will:

  • Reinforce recycling capabilities as well as material science to master incorporation of recycled content into packaging, maintaining high levels of efficiency and performance
  • Better serve Logoplaste’s partners both at a technical level as well as in achieving

sustainable goals and targets

  • Improve Logoplaste’s competitive advantage & the Group’s commitment to its

Sustainability Pillars

  • Allow Logoplaste to be part of the plastic recycling ecosystem, present in key regulation debates to drive circularity improvements

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