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Industrial aluminum furnaces are nothing new. But that doesn't mean the technology stopped – quite contrary. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the modern standards in metallurgy. We will also share an interesting case study from Turkey. Ready to be impressed?

Aluminum melting furnaces

Aluminum extrusion plants need real-deal furnaces to conduct their operations. Market demands, however, are extremely high. An ordinary aluminum furnace won't be enough to meet them all. The plants require smoother metal melting acceleration. They also desire to reduce the charge of aluminum scrap and enhance their production capacity on a shorter timeline, for example. And if that's not enough, such powerful aluminum furnaces should also be able to tilt swiftly in order to fill appropriate vessels with utmost efficiency.

Naturally, the whole thing is designed to make today's metallurgical processes less expensive as well. Higher production rates, better alloy quality etc. wouldn’t make much sense with too big price tags, don’t you agree? Economy must go hand in hand with performance, and this is exactly what advanced aluminum melting infrastructure provides.

Aluminum furnaces made in the USA

The United States is among the global leaders in steel production. The same can be said about the gear necessary to handle molten aluminum by today's standards. American furnaces are the best in the world. That's why other superpowers use them so often. Turkey is one of such powers. No doubt, a serious player in the Middle East. It offers a great case study on what American made aluminum furnaces can do.

In Turkey, an American company provided more than a dozen of efficient aluminum coil annealing furnaces with high convection jet airflow. The latter is called the Vortex®. It is a purpose-built system for industrial aluminum coil annealing. The great thing about it is its adaptability. It can be tuned to very specific production needs. No matter the configuration, though, the system will perform superbly. The heat management is outstanding. An aluminum furnace equipped with the Vortex® offers an ideal temperature control during the alloy manufacturing processes. Therefore, final products are of higher quality. This and easy configuration of the whole system are two very important factors. They do wonders in the Turkish metal industry, securing its leading position in the region and beyond.

Top-notch solution for aluminum products

The above is just an example. A short case study from Turkey that shows the significance of American aluminum furnaces on the global stage. It is possible because of the readiness to meet even the most rigorous standards of alloy production. The market is global, you see. As a result, competition is stronger than ever before. Cost-effective aluminum furnaces with elastic tuning capabilities make the metallurgical industry very powerful indeed. Aluminum producers all over the world should take a closer look at the equipment with the Vortex® solution. It makes a hard-to-beat standard of its own. Add a simulation software, an optional Bypass Cooler with other toys, and you get performance rates impossible to achieve not so long time ago.

The Industrial Era is still on the move. Make no mistake, the 21st century is fast and ambitious. That refers not only to the electric technology, but molten metal equipment as well. Modern-day aluminum furnaces are therefore far beyond their predecessors. They must be because the business needs them to. It's that simple.

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