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Bausano is a manufacturer of plastic extrusion machines  and accessory equipment associated with the extrusion process. Its complete, high quality product line, experience customer service, and focus on R&D have made Bausano an international leader in its sector.

A story Three Generation Long
Bausano has been designing and producing extrusion lines (extrusion is a plastics transformation process that creates objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile, such as pipes/tubes, sheets, and profiles) for plastics processing since 1946. It is a family company, originally established by Clemente Bausano as the Costruzioni Meccaniche Clemente Bausano in Rivarolo Canavese, a small town 30 km north of Turin. In the same year the first Bausano extruder, the TR model, was completed. It had two penetrating and counter-rotating screws, and the same method was to be used later in all the subsequent machines. In 1962 the growing firm in need of more space moved to the outskirts of Rivarolo, where the current operational headquarters and main production unit of the Bausano group are still located (the facilities have of course expanded greatly over the years). With the new centre of operations came a change in the company’s legal status, and the current name of Bausano & Figli S.p.a. was adopted. Twenty years later came the technological breakthrough that truly put Bausano on the map - Multidrive, a ground-breaking new transmission system was introduced. It uses four motors per machine and was designed and produced to eliminate torsional stress on the control shafts and split stress and transmitted torque. Multidrive 4x2 reduces the torque effort of each motor and gear wheel by 25%, improving immensely the durability and performance of the extruder. In 1993 Bausano made history as the first company in Italy to get a ISO 9001 certificate for quality of production and management. In 1999 the South American branch Bausano do Brasil was established in Sao Paulo, which has since then become the leading extruders producers on the South American market. Since then Bausano expanded onto the North American and Indian markets by opening a branch in San Diego and setting up a joint venture with one of the foremost Indian extrusion lines manufactures: Rajoo Engineers Ldt. in Rajkot.

Products and services
The flagship products of Bausano & Figli S.p.a are its single and twin-screw extruders. Single Screw extruders, TM series, are available in a wide range, starting with 25mm all the way to 120mm, all with high reliability and production capacity. High performance extruders can be completed with dedicated downstream, and for particular processing it is also possible to combine a single-screw extruder with a twin-screw. The counter rotating twin-screw MD Plus extruders for plastic materials are the ones equipped with Bausano’s patented Multidrive 4x2 transmission system. This system, which relies on distributing the motion on four different points. This boosts the power available on screws and reduces energy consumption, and at the same time improves the durability of shafts and gear box. The twin-screw extruders are ideal for managing high production levels (the machines use multi-stage thrust bearings make it possible to triple the dynamic load) and have a wide processing window. The MD Plus extruders can be customized with gravimetric, volumetric or multi component supply systems, and further custom-made solutions can be implemented to fulfill customers’ requirements. They are used to manufacture various products with a wide range of applications, such as rigid pipes with wide cross-section, flexible pipes with small diameter, from smooth to corrugated pipes, monolayer to multilayer products and thermoplastic pipes with diameters starting from a few millimeters up to 1,600 mm. Every extrusion line is equipped with cooling, calibration benches, take off cutting units, all outfitted with additional measures for energy saving. Pipes created using Bausano’s extruders find use in automotive (air conveyance pipes, cable pipelines), petrochemical (transport of gases and hydrocarbons) and medical industries (small pipes for medicinal products and dental pipes), as well as in construction (transport of liquids, high pressure drainage), telecommunication (cable protection pipes) and agriculture (irrigation pipes). The company also offers extrusion lines for production of granules from various types of plastic materials for subsequent molding, extrusion or calendaring. Bausano has also developed Polywood technology to manufacture WPC (Wood Plastic Composite, produced with a mixture of polymers and plant components such as wood dust) profiles and other WPC products (profiles, laminates and granules). It allows to extrude the profile directly from local raw material, without formulation constraints. Thanks to the Polywood technology it is possible to utilize wood industry waste products to create profiles that display the best traits of both components (plastic and wood). Bausano’s main commitment is to secure minimal environmental impact and WPC products is 100 % recyclable. Due to their reliability and longevity WPC and plastic profiles made with Bausono’s extrusion lines are in high demand in the construction industry for windows, roller shutters, doors and windowsills, electric conduits, staff angles etc.

Supporting the clients
Bausano’s strong position on the global market was not achieved solely by the virtue of its products high quality, but also by forming strong partnerships and providing customers with all the necessary pre- and after sales support. It is the company policy that customer loyalty is build on customer satisfaction, and a competitive business environment necessitates working hard and taking full advantage of modern methods to build lasting business relationships. A direct support service is always on call for troubleshooting and gathering feedback, and technicians respond within 24 hours of a client’s request, limiting any production plant downtime. Another important way Bausano ensures its customers only suffer minimal downtime in case of any technical issues is a complete catalogue of original spare parts. The company stocks all the main spare parts for its products, including even the discontinued ones. The company’s efforts are directed at developing its current markets with new products and new market with current products, expand the customer base and increasing brand. With 70 years of experience, a passion for innovation, and its ability to reach clients in any country, Bausano is sure to achieve that objective, and exceed it in the future, as it will continue to supply its customers with advanced equipment of the finest quality for years to come.

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