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Global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL shows its vocal sustainability commitment is rapidly heading in the right direction with an over 13% increase in its EcoVadis score in just one year.

RETAL's Sustainability Director Emmanuel Duffaut is clear that the score is the latest milestone in the company's ongoing focus on a multi-stakeholder, value chain approach to ensuring its plastic packaging is as sustainable, responsible and transparent as possible.

EcoVadis is 'the world's most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains' and is widely used as a platform to confirm manufacturers' abilities to reach high levels of responsible performance across departments.

Duffaut says, “In our first Sustainability Report, published in 2019, we clearly set out our intention to reach a total EcoVadis score of 65% by 2022, and I'm proud to say that this latest score shows we are well on target to achieve that, giving us an overall increase of over 44% in less than five years. We went from Bronze to Silver in one year, so we are going for Gold by 2022!”

A core reason why global brands value the EcoVadis score for environmental performance of manufacturing is that the strict auditing process takes many categories into consideration, ranging from sustainable procurement to waste management. Duffaut continues, “It's a welcome, recogised method of proving that global manufacturers have achieved and continue to achieve a high level of performance. As a Silver level EcoVadis score company, RETAL can quickly communicate to our global food and beverage brand customers that we meet their strict requirements.”

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