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Dedicated product specialists remotely monitor customer dust collectors

LEUVEN - BELGIUM (November 28, 2022) — Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, has expanded its iCue™ Connected Filtration Service to offer remote monitoring of customers’ iCue service accounts by Donaldson Product Specialists, accelerating dust collector response and service.

Currently, Donaldson’s subscription-based iCue Connected Filtration Service provides dust collector operational insights to customers via a web-based dashboard. This information can help reduce unplanned downtime, support efficient maintenance and operations, and automatically capture compliance and sustainability data.

With the new iCue Monitor Service, customers can now choose to have their iCue account monitored by a team of Donaldson specialists. If a facility’s dust collector generates an alert, the team reviews it, along with other captured data and collector history to determine next steps.

This could be anything from recommending future maintenance, facilitating a service call for an onsite technician, to contacting customers about urgent situations requiring immediate resolution.

How iCue Works

“The iCue Monitor Service combines leading edge connect technology, proactive customer service, and 100-plus years of dust collector experience,” said Wade Wessels, Global Director of Connected Solutions for Donaldson. “With Donaldson product specialists monitoring customer dust collectors, response times are accelerated, downtime is reduced and customers can attend to the rest of their facility's needs.”

The latest announcement arrives after Donaldson made several iCue service updates based on customer feedback at the end of 2021 to continue improving and streamlining functionality for manufacturing facilities around the world. Those iCue enhancements included:

  • Particulate Monitoring Sensor – The updated sensor continuously tracks particulate material levels in the outlet stack of collectors, so maintenance teams can more accurately monitor and assess the air quality in their plants.
  • Pulse-Jet Cleaning Valves – With this latest update, iCue connected monitoring can detect when a valve is not fully functioning and send a notification for filter performance to be assessed.
  • Partner View – This feature allows iCue service subscribers to give third-party, certified dealers and service centers access to their dashboard when collector maintenance or repair questions arise.

In addition, the iCue service became more user-friendly, thanks to a Partner View feature. Now third-party maintenance teams from Donaldson’s certified dealers and service center network can access customer user dashboards to help monitor real-time performance data and respond more quickly to issues that require maintenance attention.

The iCue connected filtration service is compatible with all brands of industrial collectors, including those that operate with a positive air pressure system. It is also simple to install: a compact gateway box is fastened to the outside of a facility collector and IoT technology and secure cloud communications run the service. An annual subscription includes hardware, automated reports, real-time maintenance alerts and a web-based dashboard that displays new and historical data.

Learn more about the Donaldson iCue connected filtration service or request a demo at, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone +32 1666 1525

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