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As a supplier to manufacturing companies for the production of various fasteners and fixings, Stainless Band is in a period of rapid growth. In order to maintain customer satisfaction throughout this growth, the UK based company is taking significant steps to ensure that the service it provides will not only continue at a high standard, but will improve.

To further the service to its customers, Stainless Band has expanded its multi-lingual sales team, including new Commercial Manager, Andrea Olsson. Andrea, who brings more than 15 years of experience in international sales and account management, will work with key customers and ensure that all customer relationships are nurtured in a way that are mutually beneficial.

The versatile products that Stainless Band is capable of processing allows the company to fulfil the requirements of fastener and fixing manufacturers to produce a wide variety of end-use products. Serving a range of industries including Automotive, Construction, Petrochemical and Technology, end-use items manufactured using Stainless Band products includes hinges,
angle brackets, toggle latches, joist hangers, computer brackets, sign fixings, hanger rails and much, much more.

Advancements in the industries served by Stainless Band mean that the product requirements of its customers are constantly changing and evolving. By ensuring that Stainless Band changes and evolves with its customers, whilst ensuring that quality and service remains at a high standard, the company will maintain growth and continue to exceed the expectations of its customers in the fastener and fixing industry.

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