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Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, this billion Euro worth company sets the pace in the new engineering technology and leaves the competition behind. When the customers hear the name Bosch, they instantly know that when it comes to mobility solutions, consumer goods, energy, industrial and building technology they will get the highest possible quality.

Core business sectors
Nowadays it would probably be very difficult to find somebody who hasn’t heard of the brand Bosch. No wonder, because their products are everywhere. We don’t have to look far. It is enough to walk into somebody’s kitchen or bathroom to see home appliances with the name Bosch on the front. It is one of those names that comes to mind when we look for something reliable to function well throughout the years. However, this is not the only business branch Bosch is involved in. In total there are four business sectors that have contributed to social and financial success of the company. First one, already mentioned, is the consumer goods such as home appliances and power tools of all kind. Next we have mobility sector including own hardware and software. Then we have industrial technology solutions followed by energy and building technology. All of those business areas generate billions of Euros yearly and have built the name of the brand that is recognizable all over the world.

Evolution of the company
In 1887, exactly one year after the company was founded, Bosch presented its first product to the public - the first low voltage magneto for gas engines. It was very well received by the customers and it got even better in time to the point when the company became a leading automotive supplier. From this moment on the success followed another success and the range of products significantly increased. In 1926 Bosch began the production of wind shield wipers. The following year the company started producing injection pumps for diesel. In 1932 Bosch bought the gas appliances production directly from Junkers&Co. In the same year the company developed its first power drill and came up with its first car radio. Moving on to the present times, the company has made a huge progress with the way it is operating now in comparison to its beginnings. The complexity of the business activities and the research involved in finding new ways and tools that a new technology has to offer guarantee the most up-to-date solutions.

“Design for Environment”
When we deal with a production and logistics on a large scale, it is imperative to be aware of a harmful impact it could have on the environment. There is only one way to prevent it and that is to invest financial resources in the research and development to diminish the negative force. From the very beginning of the company’s activity, Bosch were stressing the importance of the sustainable and eco-friendly production and logistics and that was the main reason the company introduced “Design for Environment” concept. It ensures material specifications as well as energy and resource efficiency are taken into account when new products are being planned. The same kind of approach is expected from the global partners and suppliers.

Bosch Connected Industry
The business unit Bosch Connected Industry, founded in 2018, bundles most of the Industry 4.0 activities within Bosch. Industry 4.0 enables manufacturing companies to reduce maintenance and repair costs while increasing machine availability. It is all about continuous optimization and overall process transparency. With the software portfolio Nexeed, Bosch Connected Industry aims at facilitating daily work and optimizing all kinds of manufacturing and logistics processes in terms of transparency, cost, quality and time. Nexeed is designed for various users, starting with producers and distributors from large variety of industries like automotive, logistics, consumer electronics, and industrial through logistics service providers as well as machine and equipment manufacturers to Industry 4.0 suppliers and system integrators. Nexeed enables a smooth start into the connected factory: customers receive cost-efficient starter kits and simple retrofit solutions, as well as customized services and comprehensive consulting as well as implementation und user training to ensure proper application. Nexeed has been tried out and tested in more than 270 Bosch plants and warehouses all over the world. This underlines Bosch’s strategy as leading user to be a solid leading supplier of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Bosch Global Supplier Award
As much as Bosch values their customers, the company gives a huge credit also to their suppliers which significantly contribute to the overall success. Delivering excellence can be done only through successful partnership and establishing mutual standards and goals. To show the appreciation to the partnering companies, for many years Bosch has been awarding their best suppliers. This year is no different and for the 16th time 47 best global suppliers have been awarded. All of them have been trusted partners for years and helped Bosch secure the place of a true manufacturing leader. Each year new suppliers get the recognition they deserve, but previous years’ winners still hold their title. It is a real honour to be given such award, because in total there are 43 000 companies all over the world that are part of Bosch supply chain. The awards are given in 4 different categories: purchasing and indirect materials, raw materials and components, purchasing of direct materials and innovation.


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