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  • Largest Imtech order ever

Gouda - Imtech (IM-AE, technical services provider in and outside Europe) announces that it has recently signed a contract with LasPalms, represented by  Peter Jan Mulder (CEO of Adventure World Warsaw) and Henk Roodenburg (Director of Huisman Heavy Construction Equipment), for the final realization of the Adventure World Adventure Park in Warsaw Poland. The contract covers the complete project management, all technical solutions and the entire civil construction, including management of subcontractors involved. This contract represents a value of 620 million euro. Imtech was already involved in the first phase of the park realizing the technical infrastructure in several buildings and being responsible for several sustainability projects with a contract sum of 60 million euro. The total contract thus amounts to 680 million euro, the largest Imtech order ever.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: 'The project approach was initially 'born' in the Netherlands. Peter Mulder, Henk Roodenburg and various Imtech divisions (Imtech Netherlands, Imtech Germany, and Imtech Poland) have collectively established a complete project (management) and financing plan for finishing the first large-scale adventure park in Central Europe. In the realization phase several business units of Imtech will be involved. The project forms an important reference for Imtech, both in managing large projects and in the specific market of adventure parks.'

Adventure World Warsaw
Adventure World Warsaw (AWW) has been designed as a world-class theme park and resort. The park provides a unique mix of a theme park, Europe's largest indoor water park, an entertainment village, hotels, restaurants and other leisure services on a single site. AWW is the first large-scale adventure park in Central Europe and spans 240 hectares. Through the passageway of a yet to be realized Grand Resort Hotel, millions of expected visitors will arrive at a central reception square - the core of the park - with a large-scale market with shops, restaurants and specific attractions. Five themed islands will be connected to this square with a total of 25 attractions.

Imtech high-tech and green solutions
Imtech fulfills the role of general contractor and provides the complete project management for the entire park. As far as technology is concerned, Imtech is responsible for realizing all technology solutions - energy generation, energy distribution, electrical solutions, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, (fire) safety, security, ICT solutions, sanitary systems, and water and purification solutions - in all buildings, restaurants and shops. Imtech is also responsible for full system integration of the more than 25 attractions. Unique and complementary to the green solutions on which Imtech is already working - the generation of heat using biogas originating from an adjacent water purification company, solar collectors, water-savings, use of waste water ('grey' water) for the toilets - is that the park's energy requirements will be generated almost entirely from a sustainable waste-to-energy power plant. In this plant, the waste from the park will be incinerated and transformed into sustainable energy. The plant will have a capacity of 120,000 tonnes a year.

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