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JSC Comintern is the leading manufacturer of men’s clothing in Belarus. The main aim of the company is to build and maintain excellent relationships with customers, based on trust and mutual gains.

In order to guarantee customer satisfaction the company invests in modernization of equipment and development of the personnel, as these factures ensure production of first rate goods.

Ninety years of experience
JSC Comintern is located in the city of Gomel in the Eastern part of the country. The company’s history dates back to 1919, when a military uniform factory was opened in Gomel. In 1922 the factory was reorganized to manufacture civilian clothing. And in 1928 the company started functioning as an independent enterprise. In the 1990s the company started reorganization and refurbishment. New sewing equipment was purchased from leading world’s providers such as Pfaff, Strobel, Singer (Germany), AMF REECE (Czech Republic), Juki and Bruzer (Japan) Rimoldi and Macpi (Italy), Eastman (USA). Modern technologies were implemented in order to achieve higher quality standards. As a result, the enterprise became the leading manufacturer of men’s classic clothing in Belarus. In 1993 the enterprise was transformed into JSC Comintern. Today, the company is widely known in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Mission of the company
The mission of the company is simple – to ensure high quality of products that would meet all expectations of the consumers. JSC Comintern strives to create favorable conditions for manufacturing of first rate modern garments and to increase efficiency of production. The management invests in the modernization of equipments in order to improve the quality of goods, their cost effectiveness and competitive ability. The main marketing activities include creation of new brands and their promotion as well as analyses of customer needs. The company aims at outrunning the competition by designing and developing new types of products and production technologies, improving quality and consumer properties of products, maintaining the compliance with international standards. The assortment policy of the enterprise is based on one simple but effective principle - make those products that are in demand and are quickly sold. The company’s professionals are working on the development of an efficient distribution network. The company achieved its success due to many factors. First of all, JSC Comintern acquired its positive image thanks to honest treatment of customers, employees, business partners and to the company strict compliance with governmental standards and regulations. The enterprise is valued for its high production capacity and qualified staff. The personnel is experienced in conducting commercial transactions with any form of payment, as well as in the organization and supply chain management. The company’s managing director pays a lot of attention to the development of creative potential of the personnel. The employees have access to all resources that are necessary for professional growth. Currently the company employs 1,559 people. The company has numerous partners at home and abroad. JSC Comintern developed business partnerships with such foreign companies as: Vero, Poland; BMB, United Kingdom; Van de Maud, France; Verse, Germany; Grosso Moda, Netherlands; Staiber Star L.L.C, USA; ODEVNI PODNIK, a.s., Czech Republic; and many others. However, the company does not stop on that and is constantly searching for new markets. Products of JSC Comintern are well known and highly esteemed in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, France, Czech Republic, and Germany. Export volume for the first 9 months of 2010 amounted to 9,736,043 USD or 87,8% of total production to 63.9% in 2009. JSC Comintern is always open for new, mutually beneficial business relationships. The company’s operations have been stable over the past few years, despite the financial crisis in 2009. In these difficult years JSC Comintern managed to make profit and did not have to let go any members of staff. In order to confirm the stability of production and product quality, the company has developed and implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. On top of that, the company received a certificate of compliance with the National System of Conformity of the Republic of Belarus. Environmental awareness of the management is very high, therefore environmental policy is an important aspect in the operation of JSC Comintern. The production program is realized according to the requirements of the occupational health and safety legislation. The company executes occupational health and safety management system that meets the requirements of international standard OHSAS 18001:2007, and environmental management system conforming to the international standard ISO 14001:2004. Hard work and good intention of JSC Comintern have been recognized both at home and abroad. The enterprise has been awarded numerous certificates for quality. JSC Comintern was twice awarded the prize for quality from the government of Belarus. It was a prize-holder of such contests as “Best 100 products of Belarus” and “Best 100 Belarusian products on the Russian market”. The company was several times recognized Best Enterprise of the Clothing Industry.

Product collections
JSC Comintern manufactures its products only from environmentally friendly materials with high hygienic qualities and excellent consumer properties. The main suppliers of fabrics are Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers. The company closely cooperates with European suppliers of primary products and materials as Forbitex (The Netherlands), AMANN, Freudenberg, KUFNER INTERNATIONAL, KM Textilhandelsgesellshaft (Germany). Four different brands of menswear are manufactured by JSC Comintern. Each brand has its distinct style and characteristic features. The product range is varied in order to meet the requirements of different age groups. The collection of premium menswear Valerosso includes suits, trousers and jackets. The garments are produced only from natural materials. Valerosso collection is made of a combination of wool, silk, cotton and lycra. The Comintern collection includes classic business class suits, jackets, and trousers. This brand is designed for business men, for whom a classic suit is a component of business success. The attractive price-quality ratio is another advantage of Man Way collection. The Man Way brand also includes classical business suits. The characteristic feature of this brand is its unique design that discreetly highlights the advantages of the bodies of Slavic men. Those who value comfort will be pleased by the suits of this brand. And last but not least is the City Life brand. The collection includes casual suits, created according to the latest trends of youth fashion. The suits are practical and comfortable, made of corduroy, cotton blends, wool blend and synthetic fabrics. The City Life collection is perfect for those who live and work in big cities. JSC Comintern produces uniforms for boys. The Junior Classic collection is designed for the future businessmen. Junior Classic costumes are made for boys in four age groups: preschool, junior school, high school and teenagers.

Bright future
JSC Comintern is a company with clearly defined goals, a company which is not afraid of challenges. The management and staff are qualified and enthusiastic, with clear vision of the company’s future. In the upcoming years the management plans to continue implementing modern technologies and encourage professional development of its employees, as these two factors are crucial for the company’s success. “Use of modern equipment guarantees high quality, and high quality ensures customer satisfaction. At Comintern, we value our customers the most and put their needs above all. The best reward for us is the trust of our customers, when they are sure that buying Comintern’s menswear they are buying the best there is,”- says the general director of JSC Comintern Mr. Afonchenko. With such an attitude the success is guaranteed.

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