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The most important goal for them? Build and improve our quality of life.How do they do it? With creativity and technical skill they plan, design and operate the facilities essential to modern life, ranging from bridges through sport´s, and urban´ s infrastructure They are problem solvers, meeting the challenges of urban redevelopment and community planning.

Who are they? They are people who create the Mostostal Puławy corporation.

Mostostal Puławy S.A – or „know- how”
As the technological revolution expands, as the population increases, civil engineering skills will be needed. Whatever area you choose, be it design, construction, research, planning, teaching or management, civil engineering offers you a wide range of career choices. And there’s no limit to the personal satisfaction Mostostal Puławy S.A feel from helping to make your own space better place to live. As a president for many years watching the development of our company and comparing its to other construction companies in Poland and abroad I am convinced that our consistency and commitment to the investment let us make a new contracts in the future. This is our formula how to succeed- told Mr. Tadeusz Rybak, president of Mostostal Puławy S.A. We build for the future - it’s their mission. They try to do their best to represent a good level of Polish construction industry. It’s professionalism. It’s experience. It’s human and technological potential. It’s Mostostal Puławy S.A.

Polish company
Mostostal Puławy SA, established in 1964, is a branch of the Warsaw Steel Construction and Industrial Equipment, company whose projects include a significant proportion of polish bridges, installations, and other complex structures. Its history, project experience, safety leadership, reputation for integrity and competence, commitment to in-house development of human talent, equipment fleet, and above all, its advanced engineering technology, make the company unique in Poland. The company has a highly focused business model. The most attractive project prospects are those where the application of advanced construction engineering and methodology development. This dual value proposition has enabled the company to prosper in a highly competitive environment. In 1991, at the time of great transformation in Poland, Mostostal has been privatized, which consequently led to the transformation of Mostostal Puławy in a private company. In 1994 Mostostal Puławy was transformed into a limited company, while remaining in the holding Mostostal Warszawa. In 2007 Mostostal Puławy took over two companies: Department of Building and Equipment Maintenance Specialist “Mezap” Sp. z.o.o. Energy and Maintenance Company “Energezap” Sp. Ltd., was established as a result, Capital Group Mostostal Puławy SA, says Tadeusz Rybak.

From chemical industry to … the power industry implementation
Mostostal Puławy acts as a general contractor, thereby realizing their projects in the following areas:

- Industrial construction, including: chemical, petrochemical, energy (boilers, electrostatic precipitators), food (sugar refineries, meat processing plants, fruit and vegetables, breweries) and cement.
- Volume building, including sports and urban infrastructure (buildings, retails, offices, multiplex cinemas, multi-level car parks, etc.).
- Communication infrastructure including bridges, terminals, petrol stations, border crossings.
- Environmental systems including air purification (desulphurisation and dedusting gas, minimizing the amount of nitrogen) and water (sewage treatment plants, sludge incineration) and thermal waste treatment.

According to the services which are offered by Mostostal Puławy, they are vast, in both terms of range as well as reach. If Mostostal Puławy wants to be competitive and provide their clients a good quality work at a global level, its has to follow the latest technological trends. They are involved in a meaningful portion of projects from the energy sector, currently operating in Poland. Each year they pursue contracts which consist on constructing of boiler’s pressure parts with the whole instrumentation (mainly in England, Finland, Norway, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany). President Rybak ensures that the company is fully prepared to accept orders, which are the result of the expected investment boom in the energy sector. The company also offers construction-assembly operations, and producing various types of structures. That production takes place in expanded, modern hall equipped with an automatic cleaning and painting series, that gives an invaluable opportunity of a comprehensive manufacture cutting-edge design. Mostostal Puławy has realized dozens of projects, but the most important to them is indoor cycling track in Pruszków - BGŻ ARENA, which was finished in September 2008. The building was honored by the Polish Chamber of Steel Construction with Steel Construction Title - Implementation of the Year 2008. The indoor cycling track BGŻ Arena, is one of the most technically advanced, proved to be the most beautiful architectural object in the world. The year 2009 has been marked with another success which is of course the development of the complex TDI in Zakłady Chemiczne Zachem S.A. and which was the most important in its history contract of Mostostal Puławy S.A. proceeded in GRI system (Genereal Investment Executor) in industrial construction branch.

Activities in the foreign area
Intensification of action and the consequence has led to the expansion of Mostostal Puławy to foreign markets. Over the years, the company which is the well- known performer in the foreign markets was gaining the trust of its customers. Now the export to foreign markets represents nearly 50% of the company’s revenues. The company is very well versed in the realities of construction industry, at the same time competing with Western and Central European companies. After Polish accession to the EU, many rules and regulations have changed, what favorably affected their investment plans. In fact the company does not need to apply for special permits. Moreover the western markets had time to accept Mostostal Puławy, treating it as an equivalent business partner. In short period of time, export took a key position in the structure of the operations of Mostostal Puławy. There are two technical offices which are registered in Germany (1997), in their main sale market and in Sweden.

Mostostalowiec is green
Environmental investments represent a significant portion of the proceeds of Mostostal Puławy S.A. The most significant, environmentally-friendly activities of the company were realized on the occasion of the execution of contracts for power and municipal waste incineration plants in Poland and abroad. The main projects in this field include the installation of air purification (desulphurization, dedusting exhaust and minimizing the amount of nitrogen) and the installation of water and thermal waste treatment. Undoubtedly, the main ecological investments of Mostostal Puławy are the installation of exhaust aftertreatment FGT (electrostatic precipitator and bag filter channels) in the AZN Moerdjik Netherlands biomass incineration plant and the set up of an assembly line of purification of dust and gas in the waste incineration plant in Billingham, near Cleveland, England. Mostostal Puławy have been cooperating also with “Zakłady Azotowe Puławy” plant including rebuilding a steam boiler for the adaptation of hiswork to the emission standards. In mid-August 2009 Mostostal started work on replacing five steam boilers, in a newly built and one of the biggest complex of waste incinerators in Belvedere near London. It will be will be one of the largest and most modern waste incineration plants in Europe.

Cultural Mostostalowiec

For the unrelenting development, their special attention is addressed to the staff’s skill upgrading. Worthy of attention, but very interesting is an idea to advanced training for welders and organization of special courses. The co-operation with vocational schools, offers many opportunities for their students and graduates. Mostostal Puławy is not only a leading construction company, modern managed, and achieving good financial results. Mostostal is also a company that cares for the development of the region, being sensitive to social needs and caring about the environment around us. Mostostal Puławy is a well- known patron of culture, art, science and sport. The company have financed many cultural events in the Lublin but is also involved in nationwide projects. Sport is one of the most important element of the company’s relationship. Since 1997, Mostostal Puławy S.A. supports cycling group “Pogoń Mostostal Puławy,” which is very successful.  

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, AQAP 2110:2006, Certificate: Manufacturer of Steel Construction, SLV powers, certificates of TUV Rheinland Group. Currently we are waiting to obtain the OSH PN-N 18001 certify in order to introduce the Integrated Management System ISO.


European Medal for Services for the installation of equipment and installation of energy granted by the European Integration Committee, the BCC and the European Economic and Social Committee EESC (Medal Europejski dla Usług za montaż urządzeń i instalacji energetycznych).
The title “Firma na medal’ in the category: General Contractor of sports and recreational complexes in the competition: Polish Sport’s Builder.
The Pearl of Polish Economy 2009 in the category of “Large Pearls”.
Winner in the Exporter category - The first edition of the “Ambassador of Polish Economy” competition organized by the BCC.

“Steel Construction - Implementation of the Year 2008”- the PIKS award- General contractor of an indoor cycling track in Pruszków BGŻ Arena.
The title of Outstanding Exporter of the Year 2008 and the Cup of the Association of Polish Exporters, the title of the Pearl of Polish Economy in 2008 in the category of Large Pearls (Polish Market).
The Pearl of Polish Economy 2009 in the category of “Large Pearls”.

The title “Patron of Sport - Lublin 2007” (“Mecenas Sportu - Lubelszczyzna 2007”)

Written by Katarzyna Olszowska

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