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Some of the industry sections achieve their success thanks to the revolutionary ideas while the others – like the steel section – require good planning, hard work of reliable people and constant evolution of proven technologies.

These are the elements that underlie the quality of the Martifer Polska brand. The company’s beliefs, devotion to their work and its perfectly planned structure are reflected in the steel constructions they produce. The company is on its way to follow the success of Martifer Group, the company that has been a leader on the Iberian market for several years.

No revolution – constant evolution
Martfier Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded eight years ago as a part of Martifer Group. That was the beginning of a gradual development of the enterprise. The first milestone in the history of Martifer Polska was the completion of their first project, Simoldes warehose. That project was so significant to the company because it was finished even before the opening of their factory in Gliwice. The Simoldes warehouse undertaking was coordinated by a few specialist members of Martifer staff. The next important step in development of the enterprise was the moment when the Gliwice factory was finished and they could start producing structures and steel products, having in mind that their success depends on increasing resources and courage to execute the most ambitious projects.

‘We look into future with hope’
The Polish industry market has not always been kind to the company though. Martifer Polska had to face radical changes of Polish and international economy. The years 2005-2006, when the company entered the Polish market, brought the relatively steady increase, despite the typical difficulties that a new player in a steel industry would meet. The demand of their clients and their supply were well adjusted to the extend that allowed them to establish their presence on the market. The next two years, 2007-2008, were the period of the rapid development and growth of the economy and steel industry. Although it was a time of company’s flourishment, from the present perspective the increase of the sector was the cause of the frantic rate of project completion and limited the long-term goals of the company. The outcome of this hectic period on the international market was the crisis in the years 2008-2009 which impacted Martifer Polska as well. Mr. Miguel Borges, the General Director of Martifer Polska, shows optimistic outlook though: ‘We have to be aware of the relatively mild form of the crisis in Poland in comparison to other European countries and considering their unpleasant experiences we should draw proper conclusions and try and take good decisions. The projects we have planned and slight activity of investors allow us to look into the nearest future with hope.’ Dealing with the results of the financial crisis, which impacted not only Martfier Polska but also the whole construction industry and most of its clients, the company takes an advantage of every chance that enables using its assets to the maximum. Among the projects Martifer is currently executing are various complex civil engineering and industrial structures. Company’s priority projects are those concerning infrastructure projects for EURO 2012 and industrial power sector.

International activity:
Martifer Polska is a part of the Martifer Group, who has a twin production plant in the south of Romania. These two plants focus on projects executed in Central and eastern Europe: in Germany, Czech Republic, Moldavia, Slovakia, Latvia, Ukraine. Martifer Polska occasionally supports the production plants in Portugal that attend to western Europe and Northern Africa, it also delivered structures to: Angola, Cameroun, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland. Future plans of the company concern strengthening its position on the markets where it is already present and seeking ambitious projects in respective geographical regions.

Clients’ trust in Martifer Polska brand
Gaining clients trust is not an easy thing, and people of Martifer Polska know it. That is why they constantly improve their qualifications and raise the standards of production and of the relations with the customers. They managed to do that during completion of respective projects. ‘When it comes to potential clients, our assets are our licenses and certificates, as well the references we receive after completion of various contracts’ says Miguel Borges. ‘Preliminary audits are conducted for individual branches, where before placing an order the client examines all aspects connected with the future project. It is our pleasure to inform you that 100% of audits conducted in our plant were successful.’ The steel industry requires the highest competence and Martifer Polska can prove it with several certificates:

- TÜV Rheinland certificate, ISO 9001:2008 no. 0198 100 00901/01
- TÜV Rheinland certificate, OHSAS 18001:1999 no. 2 03 07020/2
- TÜV Rheinland certificate, DIN 18800-7:2002 no. 01 203 973
- TÜV Rheinland certificate, DIN EN ISO 3834-2 no. 01 3834-2 973-09 0648 – Qualification certificate of the Polish Welding Centre of Excellence no. 326/894/IV/10 - Qualification certificate of the Ministry of Infrastructure no. 02/09 – Certificate Ukraine, ISO 9001:2001 no. UA 2.011.03500-09 – Certificate Ukraine of conformity with GOST standard, no. UA1.022.0017948-09

We protect and take care of the environment we work in
One of the values of Martifer Group is their respect for the natural environment and its protection. They are fully aware of the impact the company’s operations have on the environment. They execute their projects with consideration of the possibilities of environmentally friendly solutions and try to minimise this impact by:

- observing the applicable statutes of the environmental protection law and other requirements concerning the company’s operations
- reduction of pollution released into the atmosphere
- proper waste management
- optimising the use of production materials and natural resources
- preventing environmental disasters by monitoring instruments and installations
- improving environmental awareness of our employees on an ongoing basis.

People who build the success
Like the constructions consists of fitting elements, the structure of the company is built of the individual strengths of its employees. At present the company employs 230 people, 2/3 of which are the production workers. The members of administration staff also work for other companies of Martifer Group operating on the local market. Martifer Polska puts emphasis on human resources, searching for people who present such distinctive features as determination, dynamism, dedication, persistence and motivation. The best professionals can be chosen thanks to the multi-level selection process. Each candidate is interviewed by several company’s representatives which gives them an opportunity to learn about the personality and technical skills of a future employee. A person that successfully completes the application process can enjoy being a part of a team of an international company employing ca. 4000 people. Well defined goals and clear distribution of responsibilities help create great everyday atmosphere in the company’s work environment. What is more, the members of young team (the average age of an employee is ca. 30 years) have several opportunities to take part in bonding events outside the company’s premises, both organised by the company as well as initiated by the employees themselves. The company gives also opportunities of supporting the human potential and introduces various career path programs developing skills which can be used later on in everyday work. Mr. Miguel Borges comments on the professional training system: ‘We regularly organise both, internal and external trainings, funded by our own financial means, as well as with the help from the EU. Moreover, we stand by introducing innovative technologies and the necessity to maintain the quality of our products at a high level – indirectly it also helps improve the awareness of human resources’. Martifer Polska is also one of the very few institutions that invest in young future candidates, presenting special offer to the students – the Summer Internship Program. The company feels also an obligation to increase their employees’ awareness of social problems. Every year during the Christmas period they organise fundraising among our employees to support the institutions we consider to be in need during the time. Up till now they supported orphanages, animal shelters, and other institutions. 

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