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Packaging solutions specialist Payne has extended its range of promotional banner tapes with the launch of a resealable version, which enables a pack to be reclosed following initial opening. 

This new resealable function ensures consumers keep the product in the pack between uses, retaining brands in the home and encouraging repeat purchase. The additional functionality is further supported by Payne’s world-class printing technologies allowing the creation of eye-catching designs for maximum shelf stand-out. 

The tape design recognises that a resealable pack has to be both easy to use and function effectively through the product lifespan, a view supported by recent consumer research*.  For enhanced convenience, the tape incorporates a finger lift area that runs along its length, making it very easy to lift the tape away from the pack; printed instructions can also be added to the tape, ensuring consumers understand how to use it.  Equally important the tape adhesive is strong enough to handle repeated resealing. 

The Payne resealable banner tape has been developed in response to major trends in the food industry. Resealable packs are growing in popularity, providing effective portion control for larger multi-serve packs which are seen as better value in current economically-challenging times.  They also help to minimise food waste from spillage, which has been highlighted as a particular environmental concern.  

The tapes can be applied to a wide variety of pack formats and Payne offers a choice of application equipment that can be retrofitted to existing packaging lines meaning resealable banner tapes are easy to implement. 

The company’s extensive engineering support service provides customers with help and advice to tailor solutions to specific product and pack requirements. As tape application is highly controlled, accurate placement on each pack is ensured. This means that important information, in particular any regulatory requirement, is not covered up which is in line with recent European packaging legislation (EU 1169/2011). Payne also offers a “pan-wound” version of the tape which has been developed to work with lines already running promotional banderol style tapes, minimising capital expenditure requirements. 

“Our printed banner tapes enable brands to combine the convenience of resealability with the opportunity to integrate highly effective and eye-catching short or long-term promotions within their pack designs,” comments Martin Dallas, Payne’s Managing Director. 

“This combination of convenience, communication and shelf stand-out delivers added value to pack formats extremely cost-effectively since it avoids the time, financial, stock management and environmental costs associated with the origination of a complete new pack design.”

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