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Versatility, innovation, continuous development. Providing comprehensive Customer service in all phases of product life cycle. The highest quality and professionalism during the conceptual stage, testing and production.

List of business partners, which includes recognizable companies in every country on every continent. A group including five partnerships, almost one thousand Employees, growing from year to year revenue counted in millions of euros. A leading position of the most advanced technologically manufacturer of both hardware and software, which is just one of many areas of the company’s activity. Contrary to appearances, this characterization does not apply to one of the giants of Japanese electronic components’ industry, or a leading designer of computer applications from the United States of America, albeit the company has much in common with such two companies: it is a giant, it is also a leader, it does shape the market in a large extent. The only difference is that it is a Polish company, from Kraków. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present the FIDELTRONIK Group.

Presentation of the company

FIDELTRONIK was founded in 1986 by Mr. Zbigniew Fidelus, and for three years of its activity it worked as the designer and manufacturer of measurement systems for scientific applications. In 1989 the company has started a successfull activity oriented around the design and manufacturing of UPS systems. Thanks to the success that the company has achieved, it was possible to start in 1995 the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and outsourcing service cooperation with the biggest Polish recipients, like Optimus (currently Novitus). It was another wise step in the development of the company, which resulted in interest from foreign Clients and taking a partnership with FIDELTRONIK. European career of the company has started, and FIDELTRONIK brand has become respected and recognizable. Since 2003, the company grows very dynamically. The expansion of the assortment resulted in transforming the company into a group gathering at the moment five companies: Fideltronik IMEL, responsible for Electronics Manufacturing Services and Business Process Optimization Services located in Sucha Beskidzka with design office located in Kraków, NOTEFideltronik, also responsible for EMS in Kraków, Fitech, designing and implementing new tools used in the production tests, with its office in Sucha Beskidzka, IMEL Poland - transformers manufacturing site located in Kraków, and Fideltronik Inigo Ltd., which manages the UPS emergency AC systems sales, with its office in Warsaw. Currently FIDELTRONIK manufactures PCBA and carrys on box building and configuration.


„Customer satisfaction is our highest value” - a trivial password, repeated like a mantra in advertising folders of virtually all organizations in the world, operating in every area of manufacturing and services. It is an expression of a customercentric policy, which for many years now dominates the global economy, and strategic business development plans in all continents. Unfortunately, many companies only repeat the password, but does not perform right actions to make the slogan a reality. FIDELTRONIK, since its inception, is focused primarily on the welfare of his Client, but unlike many other companies, is trying to permanently deepen a good relationship with the Client, resulting in the continuous market research to better understand His needs and then adjust company’s production to Customer’s requirements, modify the Customer service procedures, continuously raise the company’s quality standards. It is a simple consequence of FIDELTRONIK’s vision of business activity, which main objective is not a one - time sale, but creating of a long - term relationship with the Client, gaining his trust through responsible actions in order to achieve the highest quality products and services, and deep commitment in the after sales phase: guarantees, Customer service offices, professional maintanance teams and many more. FIDELTRONIK does not duplicate mindlessly banal slogans, but presents specific numbers and actions shown below, which prove that Customer support does not take place only on paper.


FIDELTRONIK has the ambition to become the largest supplier of electronic components in Central - Eastern Europe. To achieve this goal, the company operates in two complementary dimensions. First of all, it performs all activities related to the production of these systems, from conceptual work, the processes of production and inspection of finished products, to the delivery and implementation of applications and components. The company therefore maintains regular contact with its Clients and supports Them in all stages of product life cycle. The versatility of the company is the best recipe to changing market conditions. Secondly, the organization has built a system of responsible Customer service and conditions of orders, which include a predetermined waiting time of 10 days for the forecasted products, full flexibility, and reasonable and fair prices. All these and other activities strengthen the market position of the company, a consequence of the proceedings and security of supply influence the increasing confidence of Customers and help attract new Clients, and this in turn translates into economic success of the company that constantly, year after year (with the exception of 2006 ), denotes a steady increase of revenue.


FIDELTRONIK’s efforts oriented around full Customer satisfaction, flexibility and versatility of production, as well as an extremely wide range of company’s products, is not everything. Even the best plans for the strategic development of organizations would not be successful, without the right people implementing them. Employees are the greatest asset of the company, and those FIDELTRONIK is particularly proud of. A large majority of company’s executives work in the organization for over ten years, which proves that FIDELTRONIK is a stable and taking care of its Employees place of work. Invaluable experience of managers supports the creativity of younger Employees, making harmonious and efficient teams of well - educated people. Professionally trained and competent FIDELTRONIK’s engineers have access to cutting-edge design tools, and, like the teams of servicemen receive the full support of the company, by subordinating them to a separate administrative divisions in the organization. Every aspect of Customer service in the company must be at the highest possible level. People are the most important factor determining the success of the organization, but, although the largest, it’s not the only advantage over the competition. Another factor is FIDELTRONIK’s structure, which, thanks to a sensible and well-planned hierarchy ladder in the organization, ensures the existence of a transparent system of responsibility for decisions, which essentially shortens and simplifies the decision - making process, and this in turn allows flexible operation of the company in a constantly changing market. Next FIDELTRONIK’s strenght is the company’s financial discipline. Based on the Lean Management policy, causes a significant reduction in costs, which obviously reflects positively on the price of products, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction. Important in this context is the minimization of marketing expenses in the company. Top quality, reliable product is the best advertisement of FIDELTRONIK. By applying advanced technology and excellent staff of Employees, FIDELTRONIK was able to reduce labor costs, which is also in line with the vision of the company, articulated consistently for over twenty years. Naturally, the highest standards of the quality of manufactured goods, work hygiene and safety, are all guaranteed by the proper certificates (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 18000 ).


FIDELTRONIK is a complete company, with respected brand in the European market. Excellent realization of company’s targets, perfectionism in every aspect of its activity, creativity of company’s Employees: all those factors allow to make a fully responsible statement that the company’s future looks truly bright. With such consequence and commitment, the company has a real chance to become not only a leader in Central - Eastern Europe, but also in the whole United Europe. 

Written by Jacek Głowacki 



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