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Basel, October 2020: The innovative powder coating Alesta® AP QualiSteel for the coating of hot dipped galvanized steel offers benefits coaters have been looking for. Excellent degassing properties and a good flow ensure a superb surface appearance. The fast and reliable curing at low temperatures enables energy savings and an increase in productivity. Very good UV and humidity resistance according to QUALISTEELCOAT specifications provide longer life cycles of coated parts. Additionally, Axalta Coating Systems' new label-free and low consumption powder coatings, which are available in a wide range of RAL based colours, make coating more sustainable.

When it comes to protecting galvanized steel structures and products, the demands for durability, appearance and sustainability have increased significantly. In response to this trend, Axalta offers the highly efficient Alesta® AP QualiSteel powder coatings in architectural quality. Thanks to innovative product-specific properties, the coating can be applied without a pre degassing step. Compared to a traditional two-step process application, the use of the new powder coating enables an increase in productivity without affecting the appearance of the coated surface.

The high yield and reduced curing temperature also contribute to improved value creation for contract coaters and in-house coating companies. Depending on the substrate to be coated, Alesta® AP QualiSteel can be cured at as low as 160°C, while productivity can be further increased at higher temperatures. In addition to the material and energy savings, the new powder coatings have hazardous label free formulations.

The powder coatings, which are part of the international "QUALISTEELCOAT" quality label, also offer very good UV stability and mechanical resistance, leading to a longer life cycle of the components.

Alesta® AP QualiSteel is typically used for coating steel structures, machine components, garden and outdoor furniture, fencing, railing, playground equipment, urban and outdoor lighting and many more. The powder coatings are available in popular RAL based colours from stock.

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