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Elektrociepłownia “Będzin”S.A. has signed contracts for selling electricity to RWE Poland S.A. and Tauron POLSKA ENERGIA S.A. Its major recipient of hot water is Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Dąbrowa Górnicza S.A., and steam is supplied to several industrial and commercial Customers.

These examples of long-standing partnership confirm that Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” is a reliable business partner, whose efforts made to minimize the influence on the environment and maximize efficiency aim at ensuring flexibility of operation and implement innovative strategies that reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin”S.A is coping with volatile market power markets, while achieving the lowest operating costs and adapting to the new industry reality. To improve their scope of business performance through better Safety, Reliability and Efficiency, Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” offers a broad suite of solutions.

Polish heat
Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. is a company operating in the power sector. The company specializes in the generation of heat (water steam and hot water) and electricity for the individual and industrial use. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. is one of the leading producers of heat and electricity in the region of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie. The main stockholder of the Company is a Germany-based company Envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM), possessing a 69.56% stake in Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” is a company with a long, rich history, officially dating back to 1913. In December1997 in co-operation with the privatization advisor appointed by the tender, a consortium headed by Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej Spółka Akcyjna (Food Economy Bank Plc.) in Warsaw, the Issue Prospectus was submitted to the Securities and Stock Exchange Committee. In January 1998 the privatization project proposed by Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. was accepted by The Board of Ministers. On the 8th of December 1998 the Company had its debut on the open market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, becoming the first power sector enterprise to be quoted on the Stock Exchange. With a strategy founded upon innovative solutions and continuous advances in technology, Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” aspires to be a Polish leader which is ‘shaping the future’. The plant generates electricity and heat (in the form of hot water and technological steam). Electrical energy is sold to RWE STOEN and TAURON POLSKA ENERGIA S.A. Distribution and commercial balancing services are provided by TAURON POLSKA ENERGIA S.A. The main consumer of hot water is Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Dąbrowa Górnicza S.A. (District Heating Company Dąbrowa Górnicza Plc.) and during the heating season also ENION S.A Department in Będzin and the Jan Kiepura Municipal Club in Sosnowiec. The consumers of utility steam are: Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny nr 5 im. Św. Barbary (the St Barbara Provincial Specialist Hospital no 5) and “MEGAPLOT” Sp. J. (“MEGAPLOT” Civil Partnership) in Sosnowiec. Today Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. is the company fulfilling its mission on the regional electricity and heat market. With generation of heat over 3 million GJ per year, the Company is one of the main heat suppliers to the market of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie.

Clean energy
Continuous modernization of the company enables Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” to take a leading position in the region of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie. How is it done? By making pro-ecological investments and focusing on the expansion of sales market. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” strives to improve its approach in all areas of corporate responsibility, covering environmental impact, ties with local communities, ethics and human resources. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” provides power generation that protects the environment while ensuring economic growth and social progress, providing a major contribution to sustainable development. The activities undertaken by the Company Management have an immediate impact on protecting the planet’s natural resources, saving energy and reducing emissions. The care for natural environment and permanent improving of services’ quality are the most important priorities of Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A.. By regular investments, pro-ecological modernization and continuous improvement of the Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management, the Company attempts to reduce threats resulting from the generation of energy based on coal burning. Each power boiler is equipped with high efficiency electrofilters to protect the atmosphere. This efficiency is systematically checked by measuring dust emissions from each facility. Additionally, each of the boilers has installations reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere. The united emitter which has flue gases brought from all boilers, is equipped with a system of permanent flue gases monitoring. The facility allows the amount and quality of emitted gases to be controlled twenty-four hours a day. In the year 2004 a sound absorbing screen was installed, reducing the level of noise emitted by the boiler house facilities and machinery to the nearby school. In the year 2008 a biomass burning investment was undertaken. This will allow the production of electrical energy and heat to be continued, while maintaining the CO2 emission limits awarded for the years 2008-2012. Biomass burning belongs to environmentally friendly sources of energy and has been defined as clean energy. Typically, this refers to renewable and non-polluting energy sources. Sources for biomass fuel include terrestrial vegetation, agricultural and forestry residues. “The major characteristics of biomass are low costs and reduced emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere” said Paweł Orlof. At Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” all employees are committed to conducting their business with the highest standards and in accordance with the laws and regulations. Ethics is a cornerstone of their company’s heritage and remains an important part of the culture and the way they do business, helping them achieve their most challenging goals. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” also does its utmost to offset the environmental impact of its own activities and promotes a sustainable development strategy designed to improve society as a whole.

Our quality is your comfort
Every corporate policy is only as good as its results. For this reason, all aspects of workplace safety and environmental protection are dependent on quality. To ensure that these important factors remain balanced at all times Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. uses a forward-thinking integrated management system that brings quality, safety, and environmental protection all in line. In 1997 Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. started works towards implementing the Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management.

- In April 2000 The Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management was assessed to be in accordance with PN-ISO 9002 and PN-ISO 14001 standards; the audit gave positive results and Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. received Certificates confirming the implementation of the Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management. Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. obtained two Certificates at the same time, as one of the first among power branch enterprises.
- In May 2003, after a re-certification audit for the System’s compliance with the required standards, the certifying Company RWTÜW awarded Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. certificates on the application of the Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management in line with EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001 standards, valid for subsequent three years.  
- The year 2006 saw another re-certification audit for compliance with Quality and Environmental Standards and a certification audit confirming the compliance with the Polish OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Standard PN-N 18001.
- The aim of the re-certification audit, conducted by the auditors of TÜV Nord Polska between 13 - 15.05.2009, was to once more certify the conformity of the Integrated Environmental Management, Quality and OSH System with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001:2004 and PN-N 18001:2004 standards.

What is more, Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. (Thermal Power Station) became the prizewinner of the prestigious ‘Gazela Biznesu 2009’ title. According to Paweł Orlof, this is an important prize because it is based on independent analyses. At the same time he underlines that the most important award for the Company remains the trust of its Customers and Business Partners.

How do they invest their good energy?
Elektrociepłownia “Będzin” S.A. above all attaches importance to creating good relations with its market environment. By supporting important initiatives the Company wants to serve its consumers as well as participate in the development of the region. For many years, in a well planned way, the Company has been contributing to science, health service, social welfare and protection of the environment. It is the sponsor of museums, cultural institutions and events significant for the local community development. By funding scholarships it promotes the cleverest young people in the region. It also supports the children and youth particularly experienced by their fate – for years it has been helping the Children’s House in Sarnów and foundations for the support of unhealthy children. For its charitable activity the company has been honoured with the statue of the “Dzieciom Będzina” Association (“Będzin Children Association”), awarded to promoters and friends of the Association. It also received the “Sponsor of the Year” title from the Museum in Sosnowiec for supporting and aiding the museum’s initiatives. 

Written by Katarzyna Olszowska

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