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The company “RM Rail” is one of the leaders of freight car building in Russia. RM Rail is an integrated producer of freight rolling stock for rail roads as well as equipment for petrochemical and gas industry.

It is a part of the Russian Machines Corporation business structure. The enterprises provide for a complete cycle production – from small, medium and large rolling stock castings to a completed railcar.

The way to success
The most important for RM Rail is the history of Ruzhimmash, a key enterprise of the company. Conditionally it can be divided into two stages. The first began in the 60’s and is associated with the production of equipment for the oil, chemical and gas industries. Later - in the 90s the plant mastered the production of freight rolling stock. Experienced engineers and designers, a powerful technological base - all this allowed the company to become one of the leaders in the production of freight cars in a short time and to preserve the traditional, petrochemical direction. For RM Rail, this is almost 60 years of experience and people who constantly enrich it. You can be an ultramodern company, have technological equipment, permanent customers, but at the same time stop in your development, to reassure yourself that the goals have been achieved. RM Rail is in favor of constantly finding new applications for its knowledge, stepping outside the borders, trying itself where others do not risk. In this, the company sees its strategic potential. RM Rail is trying to follow the wishes of its clients. Therefore, it is possible to do exactly what the market needs here and now, what creates added value for it. Today, RM Rail produces about 80 models of certified wagons. Most of them have increased capacity and volume, overhaul mileage, they are equipped with additional devices to help avoid losses in the transport of goods. These consumer properties not only surpass the analogues of the domestic market (and company works with such giants as FosAgro, Sibur, GTLK, Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, First Freight Company), but they are not inferior to foreign products too.

Company’s mission and values
The company brand is not just a name and a corporate style, it is a business philosophy: its mission, values, vision. Sometimes a company faces a need to bring up to date, improve its brand. Rebranding is rethinking of achievements. This is a commitment to progress, to meet new imperatives but by no means to reject all the earlier accomplishments. RM Rail went this way. The center part of its new brand is an automatic coupling artistically reshaped into a symbolic handshake. It expresses our values: co-operation, partnership, transparency, confidence. And it identifies a strategy which gives a priority to customer interests and a creation of a viable business team in-house. To summarize, company’s mission is the production of innovative, reliable, safe and convenient products which fully meet the customers’ expectations; constant development in order to be ahead of time; bringing value into everything company does: relations with employees, partners and community, part of which RM Rail is.

Main activities and products
The company specializes in the production of railcars. Moreover, from other manufacturers RM Rail is distinguished by the fact that it undertakes the most complex, highly specialized segment - the special park. It is distinguished by additional possibilities from the point of view of safety, efficiency and economy of cargo transportation. The focus is also on constant search for solutions to reduce the weight of packaging, the cost of components, labor intensity, etc. They are reflected in a whole line of company’s new railcars. Hopper-grain carrier with increased to 127 cubic meters’ body volume differs maximum capacity, which is no longer available in any model on the market. The universal fitting platform is “sharpened” for the maximum list of cargoes, including bulk and bulk products, wheeled and caterpillar vehicles, containers. Certified high-tech tank for molten sulfur with a load of 25 tons, which, in fact, was the result of joint creativity with the customer. To do for the client is to do with the client. It is this principle that RM Rail considers determinant in its work. Another vivid example is the aluminum wagon-mineral railcar. It passed the entire cycle of necessary tests, successfully certified and is already in trial operation with customers. Weldable alloy 1565h is also used in the production of lightly armored vehicles. It provides an optimal combination of strength and plasticity, and due to its resistance to aggressive media it allows to transport mineral fertilizers, soda ash, cement - over 50 types of cargo. The carrying capacity of the car, as well as the volume, were significantly increased to 79 tons and 109 cubic meters, respectively.

Production technologies and quality controls
Quality control always begins with planning. This allows to get the product that fully meets technological and price requirements. With the input control of raw materials, RM Rail tracks what the product will be made of. Each stage of the technological process is completed by operational control and testing. Acceptance control - company gives the client the right to participate in control procedures. Ruzhimmash has its own laboratory of non-destructive testing methods, a chemical laboratory, a laboratory of mechanical and metallographic tests, a measuring laboratory, a CPA laboratory. High quality testing at the VKM-Steel plant is ensured by the automatic vacuum-film forming line HWS-Sinto. The technology works at the expense of dry sand without adding any binders, which minimizes the amount of mix waste and significantly reduces the cost of testing, allowing to reduce the surface roughness and prevent the formation of “hot cracks”. Company’s Engineering Center solves the entire spectrum of engineering, design and implementation tasks. A new level of development is provided by highly qualified personnel, new modern technologies and design methods, including the use of the Product Planning and Development System (PPDS), in which a certain level of competitiveness is set at the target market segment at the stage of drafting the terms of reference.Their own experimental production allows to move without delay from the development stage to experimental testing and certification.

RM Rail today
RM Rail is on the way of business diversification. In addition to the main activities, accompanying projects were launched, for example, for the manufacture of vertical steel tanks. These are storage facilities for water, oil, which uses agriculture, the oil sector, aviation and military complexes. Company continued its traditional business - the production of petrochemical equipment. Another enterprise - Abakanvagonmash in Khakassia - began to make block-frame modules. Traditionally, the plant was engaged in container construction, so it was easy to re-equip its own lines for adjacent production. Usually, such structures are used for the rapid construction of military and geological exploration towns, summer camps and shift camps, as well as for placing mobile offices and trade pavilions in a limited area. In the complex, such projects provide a good load for enterprises, give the chance to use their abilities more widely and, of course, not to stand still. This is important for RM Rail.


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