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Volvo Trucks has introduced new trucks with Euro 6 engines ranging from the
smallest medium-duty 5-litre engine to the heavy-duty 13-litre variant. Starting
in spring 2014, Volvo trucks will also be available with a 16-litre Euro 6
engine and with the I-Torque driveline for the 13-litre engine.
“Total fuel economy is very important for our customers, and we have a
combination of technology and service offers that will be difficult for our
competitors to match,” says Astrid Drewsen, Product Manager for Drivelines,
Volvo Trucks.
Improved after-treatment of emissions
For the heavy-duty engine range, the D11, D13 and the upcoming D16, Volvo Trucks
has retained its tried and tested catalytic emission control, SCR (Selective
Catalytic Reduction). SCR has proved to be extremely effective in the after
-treatment of emissions and it is also the ideal match for Euro 6 requirements.
In addition, Volvo Trucks has improved the catalytic coating of its SCR unit and
the AdBlue injection system.
Cost-effective technology
In order to comply with Euro 6, the heat in the exhaust system must be kept at a
more or less constant high level. Volvo Trucks is therefore combining its SCR
solution with non-cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and a diesel
particulate filter (DPF) in its D11 and D13 Euro 6 engines. The technological
solution for the D5 and D8 engines is a combination of cooled EGR system,
particulate filter and SCR.
“Our experience from emissions legislation the world over provided the input for
our choice of fuel-efficient, cost-effective and less complex engine technology.
We are very pleased with our Euro 6 offer, especially since environmental care
is one of our core values,” says Astrid Drewsen.
The Volvo Trucks Euro 6 offer
  · In September 2012 Volvo Trucks started selling its first Euro 6 engine, a
D13 unit with 460 horsepower
  · In June 2013, sales of the new D5, D8, D11 and D13 engines will get under
  · Starting in spring 2014, Volvo trucks will also be available with a 16-litre
Euro 6 engine and the I-Torque driveline for the 13-litre engine

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