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The Foodtech Startup Forum 2023 awards projects by Bio2cat, Plant on Demand, Fliwer, Vision Quality, Ingradalia and Bioprocesia.

F4F - Expo Foodtech 2023 has brought together more than 200 startups to drive the transformation of the food industry.

Madrid, 23rd May 2023 - The accelerated growth of startups in the foodtech sector is revolutionizing the way challenges in agriculture and food production are addressed. These startups are applying innovative technologies to improve efficiency, sustainability and productivity in agri-food. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the adoption of precision agriculture could increase crop yields by 20% and reduce water use by 30%.

In this context, the Foodtech Startup Forum recognized the most disruptive startups in the field of innovation in the food industry. The event was held in the third edition of F4F - Expo Foodtech, the technological event that brought together in Bilbao (Spain) 8,372 professionals from the entire value chain of the food and beverage sector.

The best startup of the Foodtech Startup Forum 2023 was Bio2cat, for its innovative solution that increases the shelf life of food, helping it to maintain its physical, nutritional and sensory characteristics for longer. The startup has been awarded the NEBEXT prize, which has given it a cheque for 3,000 euros to help it boost and scale its business.

The "Food 4 Future 2023" award also recognized Bioprocesia, a startup that has developed technologies and processes that enable more efficient and sustainable production, guaranteeing food safety and care for the environment. As part of this award, Bioprocesia has won a stand for the next edition of F4F - Expo Foodtech in 2024, which will allow them to present their work to an even wider audience.

Plant on Demand, an agritech startup that has revolutionized the way fresh food is produced and distributed, enabling more efficient and sustainable production; Fliwer, a company that has developed technological solutions to improve energy efficiency in the food industry, leading to a significant reduction in costs and environmental impact; and Vision Quality, a startup dedicated to automation, robotics and industry 4. 0, have been the winners of the "La Salle Technova" award, gaining access to La Salle Technova's prestigious acceleration programme, which will provide them with resources and support to take their projects to the next level.

Finally, Ingradalia received the CNTA-EATEX award, which includes a valuable technology mentoring session with industry experts, for its deep understanding of food science and its innovative products and processes that improve food quality and safety.

More than 200 disruptive projects

The Foodtech Startup Forum is the event dedicated to entrepreneurship and new projects that takes place every year within the framework of F4F - Expo Foodtech. This edition brought together 200 international startups, including the 60 most disruptive ones, which presented innovative solutions and projects at the Foodtech Startup Forum, divided into seven categories: Agrotech, Industry 4.0, Automation, Refrigeration and Climate, Food Processing, Food Packaging, and Food Science.

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