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After two decades, Reiner Fries has decided to retire from his role as General Manager of Sales and Marketing at SW as well as his other SW-Group functions. His successor, Jörg Schmauder will bring his over 13 years of management experience in the machine tool industry. The handover is slated to take place by the end of the year. SW is a leading machine, automation and system solutions supplier, headquartered in Waldmössingen, Germany. The company has multiple worldwide subsidiaries with locations in the US, Mexico and Asia, as well as in several European countries.

Mr. Schmauder will work alongside Markus Schmolz (CFO) and Stefan Weber (CTO), who will be remaining in their roles as Managing Directors leading the SW-Group worldwide. While the official handover is set to happen this December, Mr. Schmauder has been at SW since the first of July, working with Mr. Fries. This overlap is part of SW’s approach toward ensuring a smooth transition.

SW is looking forward to this new chapter and continued to strengthen a leading position as a manufacturing systems supplier, both in North America and worldwide. 

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