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St. Charles, ILBison Gear & Engineering Corp., a leader in the power transmission industry, now offers a higher horsepower range Stainless Steel washdown motors. The motor’s clean and smooth Stainless Steel surface reduces contamination points for bacterial growth, while its ingress protection rating of IP69K keeps it completely sealed to all outside elements.

The Stainless Steel 230/460 volt three phase washdown motors fill a market need for higher horsepower options in food processing, with a horsepower range of 1/6 HP to 2 HP. This new product is ideal for food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging, given the high ingress protection, suitability for harsh environments, and the use of Viton Oil seals and O-Rings that withstand high-pressure sanitary washdown in food zones.

This higher horsepower product is an IE3 premium efficiency class motor and maintains a low surface temperature. The Stainless Steel washdown motors are conveniently compatible with Bison’s Stainless Steel washdown IHP gearboxes, given the standard NEMA and IEC mounting options available.  They are suitable for inverter duty operation at constant torque thanks to low-loss laminations, vacuum impregnation of windings, and inverter duty magnet wires. For more information about the Stainless Steel washdown motor, visit

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