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St. Petersburg, FL – S.S. White Technologies, the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of flexible shafts and related assemblies, highlights its flexible shafts for drain cleaning applications. Common technologies of hydro-jetting machines, snake drains, and power rodding machines are all viable depending on the application, but all three have downsides. S.S. White Technologies’ flexible shafts rectify these issues and complement other drain cleaning machines.

Flexible shaft technology can be applied for homes and businesses or for large industrial sites. Restaurants and food businesses put stress on their drainage systems with grease and food waste that need to be cleaned with heavy-duty equipment. Homes located next to old trees may find pipes clogged when root systems infiltrate the drains and pipes. S.S. White has designed and developed flexible shaft technology useful for these drain cleaning applications.

A flexible shaft is a precisely defined and configured nested group of springs, tightly wound so that it has torsional or rotational strength, as opposed to the tensile strength found in standard wire rope or cable to which flexible shafts bear a resemblance. The flexible shaft can bend, but also still rotate. It transmits a rotary motion in the same manner as a solid shaft, but because it can bend, it can go over, under, and around obstacles that would otherwise prevent the use of a solid shaft.

The flexible shaft’s tensile strength and flexibility makes it useful in the tight, twisted environments in a wide variety of industries, including drain cleaning. Furthermore, they are small, light, flexible, easy to clean, and are capable of pairing with the use of a camera during cleaning.

Clog Squad, a Michigan-based drain cleaning contractor uses the Clog Dog drain cleaning machine, which is based around the use of a flexible shaft. The use of flexible shafts with the Clog Dog has made jobs cleaner, safer, and more effective. Clog Squad gets its flexible shafts from S.S. White, one of only three flexible shaft manufacturers in the United States. S.S. White has the deepest knowledge in flexible shaft technology and designs flexible shafts to exact specifications using proprietary software.

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