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The deadline is looming for UK manufacturers to prepare for the aftermath of Brexit and attract the right talent from the shrinking labour pool. It’s also the last chance to save £200 for the upcoming, senior-level Manufacturing, People & Tech Conference: 30th April, Birmingham {}

With the uncertainty of Brexit looming over us, how are leading Manufacturing Directors overcoming labour, import and cost challenges and regulatory unpredictability; how are they mitigating the risks of Brexit? Hear from 20 inhouse manufacturer speakers including BAE Systems, Coca-Cola, Tata Steel, Siemens, Canon and Fujifilm who are future-proofing their strategies, attracting the right talent, engaging their people, leveraging next-level technologies and creating a culture of engagement at the upcoming The Manufacturing, People & Tech Conference – Improving Productivity.

Taking place in central Birmingham, take just one day out of the office and hear practical insights to revolutionise your manufacturing processes, increase employee engagement, attract talent, implement the best upcoming tech and uncover essential insights into industry 4.0, data and lean to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Here’s a snapshot of the challenges addressed in our compact, one-day agenda:

  • The right talent at the right time… what’s the best way of attracting the right people and developing our future workforce?
  • How can we foster a truly engaged culture that encourages long-term retention and ultimately improves bottom-line performance and productivity?
  • How can we continuously upskill our workforce and promote continuous development to positive impact the production line?
  • Brexit is almost upon us and nothing is certain… so what’s the best way of managing labour, import, cost and regulatory unpredictability?
  • How can we align our people and existing procedures with exciting technology to minimise fallout and overcome the barriers of implementation?
  • What should we be investing in right now?! From AI to robotics and from VR to additive to automation, how can we assess the best technologies, manage costs and really drive up productivity?
  • How can we keep up with Industry 4.0 and advanced data strategies to future-proof our factories and keep up with the tech revolution?
  • Which lean methodologies are the best way of reducing waste, driving continuous improvement and increasing productivity?

20 speakers. 11 advanced sessions. 1 exceptional day. Book before next Thursday to save £200. Quote ‘manufacturingjournal’ under ‘ID Code’ when registering here {}

Alternatively download the brochure here {} or call the team on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 and we’ll make sure you get your discounted seat.

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