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It would be difficult to imagine our everyday life without various types of packaging. We place food products, cosmetics and cleaning products in them. In fact, every activity is accompanied to a greater or lesser extent by the need to use bottles, containers, caps and similar accessories.

Cardboard Packaging in the Industry and Other Options

When it comes to materials from which packaging is most often made, plastic is definitely the leader. And although more and more companies, for reasons such as concern for the environment, are introducing cardboard packaking or glass packaging on a large scale, plastic still plays a leading role in this industry.

Continuing Popularity of Plastic

There are at least several reasons for the continuing popularity of plastic. First of all, the versatility of this material plays an important role. It is suitable for storing many substances that other materials are not suitable for. It is definitely lighter than glass, so it is much better suited for packaging for drinks. In addition, it is more durable than cardboard, so it has a chance to prove itself more often.

Packaging in Marketing

However, packaging plays not only a purely utilitarian role. It can equally determine, for example, the marketing success of a product. Many consumers choose a given product not only because of its content, but also because of its packaging and designs. And if there are two products with almost identical composition on the shelf, but one of them has more interesting packaging, it is almost certain that it will be chosen by a potential customer.

Market Research

Due to the importance of packaging, including plastic packaging, the process of preparing it is complex and covers many aspects. Firsty, it is based primarily on market research. Before starting the production stage, it is necessary to find out what are the most popular solutions on the market and how they could possibly be improved to gain an advantage.

Preparing the Project

After the research stage, the project is prepared, which takes into account both the visual and purely functional side of the product being developed. At this stage, all costs related to the implementation of the project are also calculated, and the possible results of these calculations affect either the possibility of investing a larger sum of money or the need to cut costs. There is no doubt that the packaging design should always be adapted to the type of product that the specific container will contain. For example, different types of bottles will be used to store drinks or juices, and others will be used for cleaning products or engine oil.

Optimization of Production

In order to optimize the creation of packaging for various types of high quality goods as much as possible, the actual production stage does not begin immediately after the design phase. Instead, prototype or pilot models of bottles, containers and other packaging are released first. Such action is intended to examine whether the designed solution actually works and has a chance of success if it reaches the stage of mass production.

The Importance of Production as well as Delivery

If the prototype solution works, production is started, which is possible thanks to the use of the most advanced machines. These include precision numerical machines, surface grinders and deep-hole drills. All of them contribute to achieving a high degree of precision and enable obtaining exactly the shapes that were designed. After the production stage is completed, the entire process of obtaining packaging is not yet ready. To complete it, large-scale distribution is also necessary, which will allow bottles and containers to be delivered to the customers. This is a logistically complicated process that involves the transport of large amounts of goods. A packaging manufacturer, such as Rosinski Packaging, is able to cope with this thanks to its large fleet of trucks. This type of transport enables the delivery of ready-made packaging both within one country and internationally.

Rosinski – a Leading Manufacturer of Packaging

To sum up, creating high quality plastic packaging tailored to a specific product is a complicated process and a challenge for companies undertaking it. It can only be carried out if you have appropriate infrastructure and a competent team that will take care of all phases of the project – from design to transport. Rosinski Packaging can boast of this type of facilities, which, thanks to continuous development and commitment to clients, has maintained a leading position on the market for years. The company's headquarters located in the center of Europe allows us to maintain contacts with every part of the continent – both North and South, both East and West. This strategic location combined with many years of experience allows the company to supply its partners at the optimal time with the highest quality plastic PCR packaging, which is in line with the latest market trends.

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