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10th China Leasing Summit | June 6-9, 2017·Beijing

The Chinese leasing industry is anticipated to grow substantially over the next five years, as booming markets for auto and financial leasing project for unprecedented market penetration. The upside offered by the Chinese market has lessors, both global and domestic, positioning themselves to take advantage of favorable developments.

In deference to these trends, and following up on its decade of engagement with the Chinese leasing industry, Duxes will host the 10th China Leasing Summit 2017 in Beijing from June 6-9. The summit will consist of two separate two-day forums, the 2nd Asia Auto Finance & Leasing Special and the Equipment Leasing Special. Both events will draw distinguished speakers and panelists, representing government agencies, industry associations, and leading companies in the leasing industry.

The 2nd Asia Auto Finance & Leasing Special will feature content delving into recent policy developments with regard to auto loans, motor vehicle mortgage registration, and leasing accounting standards, as well as cutting-edge testimony on ascendant new fields, such as new energy vehicle leasing, and applications for financial technology in leasing. The Equipment Leasing Special will feature invaluable firsthand testimony from officials in MOFCOM and the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, organizations that have promulgated recent reforms in equipment leasing. Further presentations will explore such issues as the effect of the VAT, new financing channels, residual value management, sustainable business development, and optimal strategies for vendors.

The 10th China Leasing Summit 2017 continues Duxes’ acclaimed Leasing Series, thirteen previous events dating back to 2008, and promises a platform for industry luminaries and professionals to exchange opinions and experiences in leasing. Delegates representing equipment vendors, lessors, service providers, such as law, consulting, and investment firms, as well as government agencies and non-profit associations, are invited to attend.

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