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Kemira is pleased to introduce KemEcal™ brand for its dispersant product line, in an effort to harmonize product names used in water-intensive industries. The change to the KemEcal™ name will also facilitate a reduction in the number of active trade names in the product line, thus improving product portfolio management and service to our customers.

“Kemira’s KemEcal dispersant technology has been used in the white pigments industry for over 40 years and is recognized as the leading technology for dispersion of pigments and mineral slurries,” says Kasia Millan, Product Line Manager from Kemira’s Oil & Mining segment. “Our broad product line offering and value-added technology serves not only the white pigments industry but also other mining operations where mineral dispersion and viscosity control can greatly benefit our customers’ processes.”

The KemEcal™ name will be applied to all Kemira dispersants including those used for Municipal & Industrial water treatment and Paper coating formulations.

For more information please contact:

Katarzyna Millan, Product Line Manager, Oil & Mining, tel. +14043071475

Bob Hardy, Product Line Manager, Paper, tel. +1 (478) 714-8657

Sangeeta Dixit, Product Manager, Municipal & Industrial, tel +44 (0)1274 762351

Arja Vanhanen, Director, Product Marketing, tel. +358 50 5091680

Kemira is a global, over two billion euro, chemical company that is focused on serving customers in water-intensive industries. The company offers water quality and quantity management that improves customers’ energy, water, and raw material efficiency. Kemira’s vision is to be a leading water chemistry company.

KemEcal is a trademark of Kemira Oyj.

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