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Trade Industrial company Vilon has been working on the market of frozen ready-made products since 1994 and can be considered the founder of the category of ready-frozen first and second courses in Russia.

The company produces delicious, high-quality and healthy products that meet the norms and principles of healthy eating. The company’s portfolio includes over 150 products. In the range of Vilon products there are soups, more than 40 different second courses, snacks and pastries.

Strategic potential
Trade Industrial company Vilon is one of the largest producers of frozen ready meals and semi-finished products in Russia. Since 1994, the company produces delicious, high-quality and healthy products that meet the norms and principles of healthy eating, under the brands Sytoyedov, Cheburechye, Good eat and Obozhams!.Vilon for the first time in Russia offered the consumer a convenient format for single-serving ready-made frozen dishes, which can be heated for several minutes in a microwave ovenbefore consumption.The strategic potential of the company is high-tech solutions of food production in combination with a professional team of technologists and managers capable of tracking the market trends and offering consumers sought-after and interesting products. Vilon managed to achieve the main thing, - says General Director of Vilon Sergey Kuzmichev,- our products are known and loved by everyone who has ever had the opportunity to try it.In our assortment there are soups, over 40 types of second courses, various snacks and pastries (over 150 SKU in total). At the same time, both vegetarians and supporters of hearty foodwill find their favorite dish.

Manufacturing process and main products
The history of Vilon development began with the production of chebureks with various meat and vegetable filling sunder the TM Cheburechye, which are still popular among buyers. But the company does not stand still and is trying to be the first in offering new, original, tasty and healthy dishes. The assortment is actively expanding: last year the range of second courses was enriched with the Italian pastes Carbonara and Bolognese, the most delicate risotto with vegetables, chicken and seafoods under TM Sytoyedov, which quickly won the consumers’ love.The company also expanded the category of snacks TM Obozhams!.It included rolls with meat and vegetable filling, rye pies, mini-belyasha with meat, cabbage and donuts with apples. Vilon has been working with HoReCa channel for more than 20 years and helps cafes and restaurants to reduce time and expenses for food production. A great practical experience in the production of a wide range of delicious ready-made dishes, baked goods and snacks, modern technological equipment and a professional team with the greatest competence in the preparation of frozen food products, allow Vilon to offer its partners high-quality products and an excellent level of service. Among the companies cooperating with Vilon, there are the largest filling stations BP, Rosneft, Truss, EKA, ARIS; fast food companies - Subway, CorneliPizza, Papa Jones, and many others. This year we were chosen as a partner-producer of ready meals and convenience foods for VIP-delegations and volunteers in the world football championship, - says Sergey Kuzmichev. Since 2016, the first and second dishes of TM Sytoyedov, as well as snacks of TM Obozhams! сan be bought in vending machines installed in business centers and enterprises of Moscow and the Moscow region.In the autumn of 2017, the online store Vilon was opened, where consumers can purchase any product in any quantity at producer prices.

Production technologies
The key technological process of production is shock freezing. All products are made from natural ingredients without the use of preservatives and stabilizers. The finished food is packaged at the temperature pasteurization mode and immediately sent to shock frost chambers, which prevents the development of microflora and at the same time allows to preserve all the flavor and nutrientsfor a long time. It helps to achievea safe increase in the storage time up to 180 days. It is also convenient to transport the products and realize them without loss of consumer properties.The production is organized on two sites with an area of almost 9,000 square meters located in the Moscow region and equipped with the most modern and high-tech European equipment. All processes are highly automated. The company operates on the Fritsch (Germany) lines for semi-finished and test tape production, Seydelmann and Frey meat processing machines, German Diosna, Mauting (Czech Republic), Alco, Koppens (Germany) and others. Italian, Dutch and Russian machines are used for packaging products.More than a thousand tons of finished products are shipped monthly, which travels to all corners of the country: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to the Crimea. Both individual entrepreneurs, and all federal trade networks cooperate with Vilon.

Export to other countries
Vilon products are sold in Belarus, Kazakhstanand USA. The company is negotiating supplies to Canada and Israel. Vilon recently took up the export direction, and so the volumes are still modest - about 5% of total sales. The company has established itself in Russia and holds a leading position in the category of ready-made frozen dishes (over 50% in the Russian Federation). Nevertheless, Vilonis not going to stop at what it has achieved and believes that it has a potential for growth.We see the European market as a new direction, - says General Director of Vilon Sergey Kuzmichev, -the “freezing” category is present on it, and the consumer is well acquaintedwith such products, so we will try to make a worthy competition. Moreover, in our “arsenal” there is a wide range of variety of dishes and products for every taste.

Team of professionals
There are about 800 professionals work in Vilon, who annually confirm their qualifications and have the greatest competence in the production of frozen food products.The company actively supports the mentoring system, shares the gained experience with young cadres, involves foreigntechnologists for cooperation and takes part in international trainings and seminars. Vilon has its own product development center under the leadership of the brand-chef, where new original author’s recipes of dishes are created, able to satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmet.

High quality guarantee
The company strictly follows the standards of foreign management systems, and introduces its own development, which allows achieving a high level of quality. Vilon has been certified according to the international standard of the quality management and food safety management system FSSC 22000. Employees of the company are annually certified for compliance with its requirements.Together with Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Moscow Region the company carries out a program of production control from the input of raw materials to the transportation of finished products to outlets. Vilon actively cooperates with Rosselkhoznadzor on the introduction of the automated system Mercury and is being inspected for inclusion in the Register of Enterprises of the Customs Union. Vilon is certified with the assignment of the status of Compartment III. For additional control at the enterprise, rapid analyzes of each batch of products are carried out, and a library of witness samples is created.The company works with more than 140 suppliers of raw materials and ingredients from the countries of near and far abroad and regularly conducts their audits for food safety.

Achievements and further growth
Monthly the company ships over a thousand tons of finished products, which is about 5 million servings of food. The annual turnover of Vilon is about 2.5 billion rubles. The company’s products are sold in all federal trade networks and more than 57,000 retail outlets of traditional retail. Since 2000,Vilon products are recognized by the expert community with high international and Russian awards, such as Gold and Silver medals of the largest international exhibitions. At the 24th international exhibition Prodexpo-2017, the Vilon Trade Industrial Company received the honorary prize The Best Enterprise-2017 for the high quality of its products, and this year several products under the brands Sytoyedov, Obozhams! And Cheburechye won medals of all merits and special prizes in the Innovative Productnomination. This year, the brand portfolio will be expanded with a new brand and a new product line in the category of “baked goods”. And as always, it will be delicious, interesting and easy to prepare dishes according to the recipes of various cuisines of the world. In addition, the company is preparing to launch a new line of first coursesand plans to expand the range in the category of “breakfasts” and “hot snacks.”

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