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Providing their clients with wide range of products and services for almost three decades, Rialex Crane Systems has earned a reputation as reliable and experienced partner in the handling equipment sector.

How the company grew
Rialex Crane Systems was founded by five engineers in 1992 in Kluczbork, in southwestern Poland. Initially it specialized in cranes and overhead travelling cranes. The 90s were a time of rapid growth and development, and Rialex took full advantage of every opportunity to make its mark. According to Adam Byczyński, Rialex’s CEO those formative years were crucial for the company’s success - “We were very open to new technologies from western Europe that started to reach us in the early 90s. Because of that we were able to offer modern solutions and advanced technology at affordable prices.” Partnerships were soon established with important suppliers from the West, such as Wampfler, Flender and Abus, but the true breakthrough moment came when Rialex’s own engineers introduced a new product that would really put the company on the map. Sems Rialex was conceived as a flexible bridge rail installation system, a superior alternative to traditional, faulty rigid rail fixing. Where traditional systems may result in excessive wheel wear and tear of the rail road wheel and crane mechanism, track misalignment and rail cracks on interfaces, Sems Rialex improved durability by eliminating the dynamic influence of rail interfaces, favorable load distribution and enhanced noise and dynamic oscillation absorption. With this technology standing as proof of the still young company’s capabilities, in 1996 Rialex secured its largest contract yet, for overhead travelling cranes for Huta Częstochowa SA. For the remainder of the 90s Rialex continued to find numerous new partners in the metallurgical and energy industries. In the 2000s, the company would reach out beyond Polish borders to establish important partnerships in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Russia. Between 2004 and 2007, major new ventures on the domestic market with companies such as KGHM Polska Miedź, Mittal Steel Poland and Stalprodukt solidified Rialex’s position as one of Poland’s leading handling equipment manufacturers. Soon after, in 2008, came the largest foreign contract to date - design, execution, delivery and installation of a 187-metre-long belt conveyor for the Czech Pocerady Power Plant.

Products and services
Rialex Crane Systems operates in the B2B (Business-to-Business) sector. It has been extending its portfolio of products and services for years, and is prepared to meet all of its partners’ needs. Moving beyond lifting devices, Rialex has begun to build a position among trash rack cleaner producers, also established itself as one of the country’s foremost bulk material handling equipment manufacturers. Currently Rialex offers handling equipment (such as overhead traveling cranes, jib cranes, lifting clamps, spreader beams and hoists), subgrades (including Sems Rialex), steel structures (trestle bridges and hall structures) and power supply and automation equipment (control systems, drives and resistors). To keep up with the growing demands of the water engineering sector, Rialex has also expanded its offer by adding a new family of products designed for operation of river dams, water power plants, conventional and other sewage treatment plants. Rialex is always ready to provide customers with state-of-the-art machinery customized in accordance with the clients unique requirements. Atypical and challenging orders are an opportunity for the company to gain valuable experience and new business partners - “we balk at nothing in this area” assures Mr. Byczyński. “our engineering staff, made up of experienced and extremely talented young engineers, working with cutting edge computer technology is a superb team of creative and knowledgeable professionals who continue to inspire each other”. As such, Rialex has become the industry’s go-to company for all needs related to design, construction, installation and maintenance services of handling equipment. “Serious businesses can’t afford the risk of second-hand quality. They search and analyze the market, and that leads them to Us – where they find professionalism and a guarantee of successfully realized contract” said Mr. Byczyński explaining his company’s success in establishing relations with partners. Rialex provides all of its customers extensive back-end service, but its experienced service team is also available to anyone in need of their expertise, even if the equipment in need of maintenance has been purchased elsewhere. The company is always ready to prove itself to a new prospective partner, and has established a hotline available 24/7. Rialex’s experts are prepared not only to provide emergency assistance, but also consultation on reasons for damage occurring during operations, or to check the technical condition of all handling equipment and steel structures. Growing companies in need of increased lifting capacity, or extensive modifications to their operation profile, can count on Rialex to provide a comprehensive, step by step plan of such modernization. To avoid unnecessary and time consuming investments in all-new equipment, Rialex Crane System’s automation engineers, designers and fitters are prepared to renovate, modify and update existing machinery, all while helping their partners maintain a safe and efficient work environment.

Awards and recognition
Over the years Rialex has formed important partnerships with many company’s and gained widespread recognition among the industry. Among the company’s most vital partners are Conductix-Wampfler, a leading manufacturer of the power supply systems, Flender, a world-leading manufacturer of the mechanical and electric driver, Emotron, a manufacturer of frequency converters of excellent quality, a leading European manufacturer of resistors power engineering and rail transportation, SWF Krantechnik, Rialex’s largest supplier of components for the manufacturing of the craning equipment, Ikusi GmbH is one of the leaders on the market of the radio control systems. KTR Group - KS specialising in the manufacturing of the steel structures. Gino company a leading European manufacturer of the resistors. Stahl Crane Systems has continued for many years in the scope of non-standard craning equipment designed to operate in the extreme conditions. Vetter Krantechnik is a company having several dozens years of experience and tradition. A European leader with respect to the production of cranes and components for the craning equipment. Abus is a solid and reliable partner in the scope of the supplies of a standard craning equipment. Valente is a company manufacturing rails as well as accessories and systems for fixing of the rails. Rataj a supplier of the spiral conveyors. Hilti It is the main supplier of the drilling and grinding machines and the majority of the machines, without which a professional installation of the equipment would not be possible. Ania a company ensuring professional and comprehensive supplies in the scope of the electrical equipment. ABB is a partner worth recommendation in the area of supplies of the world class frequency converters, PLC controllers and other electrical equipment. Alfa Elektro is an electrical equipment supplier. Elektrotek is a supplier of any type of electrical cables as well as other products ensuring the electrical aspect of our realizations. Rialex has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate for its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction all the way back in 2003. In 2008 it was named one of the “Business Gazelle”, the most dynamically growing companies, by the Puls Biznesu magazine, and it was presented with the “Transparent Company” certificate by Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, which provides businesses with information, analytics and commercial data. In 2014 it found itself among the “Golden 100” of the best businesses of the Opolskie voivodeship. Still, in the words of Mr. Byczyński, “ the most precious award is knowing that there are hundreds of our machines working across Poland and Western and Eastern Europe, proving that a Polish product can be modern, competitive and reliable”. The crew of Rialex Crane Systems certainly has good reasons to feel proud of their accomplishments, accomplishments that continue to benefit of all of the company’s numerous partners. 


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