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SPLAT products are made from the best components of the world’s leading manufacturers at its own modern eco-factory located in the ecologically clean area of Valday.

Company has 16.9 % of Russian market according to AC Nielsen for November-December 2016 in the category of toothpastes (in monetary terms). What is the company’s secret of success – read further in the article.

SPLAT today
SPLAT is the leading developer and manufacturer of professional solutions in the categories of oral care, household eco products and children’s cosmetics in Russia. For the past two years, the company has entered new markets, now SPLAT products are available in more than 70 countries around the world. Its representative offices in China and Turkey are actively increasing their presence in all sales channels. The company is also actively developing the base of importers (distributors) in two macro-regions: Southeast Asia and MENA (Middle East North Africa). SPLAT’s range of products has expanded due to new items and categories –company has released several new products for the care of sensitive teeth (SPLAT Sensitive Ultra and SPLAT Sensitive White toothpastes), a new Black Lotus bleaching black paste, completely renewed the series of children’s oral care products - now it has pastes for any age from 0 years. The best-selling products company processes with the consideration of new technologies and the emergence of new, more efficient and modern components. So, in 2018 we are completing a complete update of the most popular SPLAT Special series. The black and gold colors, with chili and ginger, etc., which have been used by many customers throughout the world, will come out in new, more attractive packages, as well as with updated formulas - without parabens, SLS, PEG, saccharin, and also without artificial colors. SPLAT also conducted several successful charity projects, whose goal was to show that helping others is easy - just like brushing your teeth. They were flash mobs in social networks to which anyone could join. Company’s actions were supported by celebrities, sportsmen and businessmen. And as a result, more than 1 600 000 rubles were collected, which were sent to funds to help children with serious illnesses. Now SPLAT is carrying another flashmob, the funds from which will be directed to the charity competitions of the Winners’ Games.

New products and facilities
In 2010, SPLAT completely transferred its production to the new Organic Pharmaceuticals factory located in Okulovka, Novgorod Region. The new production is organized according to the principle of environmental consciousness and corresponds to the highest international standards of the quality management system, which is confirmed by the certificates ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and GMP Cosmetics. The main rule is: maximum cleaning of incoming raw materials (air and water, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards in the work of employees, etc.), minimization and utilization of waste. Today, the factory produces more than 200 products, among which, in addition to innovative oral care products for children and adults, an ecological line of BioMio for home care, natural cosmetics with organic ingredients for babies and moms LALLUM Baby and a series of natural remedies for hair care HEYA. All products include unique components of the world’s best manufacturers, they are safe and recommended for daily use.

Excellent production technologies
To save energy, all rooms are equipped with LED lighting, and heat recovery is used in ventilation systems. As mentioned above, an environmental management system has been built in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, which allows managing environmental risks (minimizing all negative environmental impacts). Also, the factory installed a multi-stage system for cleaning air emissions and 3 water purification systems - storm, industrial and domestic. To produce toothpaste, Organic Pharmaceuticals uses the most modern reactors with a unique triple mixing system to achieve excellent homogenization. The microclimate control system of production and warehouses allows maintaining the necessary humidity and temperature. The accredited microbiological laboratory carries out all necessary spectrum of microbiological studies of incoming raw materials, internal production environment and finished products.

From Russia with SPLAT
The main capital and development resource of SPLATis their team of professionals. In total, the company employs more than 1,000 people. Of these, more than 100 are in the Moscow office, 400 are in production, and the rest are regional employees and colleagues from other countries. Company continues to improve its efficiency and professionalism - strengthen the team with competent and responsible people, provide opportunities for training and development of employees. Secondly, SPLAT annually expand its assortment by launching new categories and expanding existing lines. Thirdly, this is an international development - SPLAT products are already represented in more than 70 countries of the world and company plans to continue to increase exports, enter new markets and expand the range in those countries where it is already present. For example, the share of export sales is now 23%. The main volume falls on the CIS countries, but also company’s products can be found in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Turkey, China, etc. In 2015 the company carried out the first delivery to the Middle East, and today, buyers can find their favorite pasta SPLAT in 15 countries of the region. Company’s trading teams in Europe, Turkey and China are engaged in expanding the “coverage zone”, trying to better understand what the “consumer” wants in these countries, building loyal relations with retail partners. SPLAT is preparing to work actively in new markets - Scandinavian countries, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America. These markets, as you know, can not be called stable, but company is not afraid of serious challenges.

Mission, vision and values
SPLAT’s mission is to help people to be healthy, beautiful and successful. Our values are to be real, open and honest. All products of SPLAT help people to be healthy, confident and happy. Naturalness in everything – company’s life position. To be creative, inquisitive, passionate: manufacturing of unique products – company’s favorite task. Be responsible, persistent and result-oriented, loving your business and being the best in it. Company develops, improves and opens up to some new things. In the center of creating the products are 4 principles: idea, quality, environmental friendliness and result. Therefore, the value of any product under the SPLAT brand is always higher than its price, that is, the customer receives an excellent innovative product of really high quality at an affordable price.

Company’s pride
Customers. SPLAT produces a product for active, ambitious, inquisitive, open to everything new customers. And there are more and more of them: already more than 10 million families choose SPLAT products and know that the value of these products is much higher than the price. SPLAT appreciates the opportunity to preserve the ecology of our planet, therefore, there are no ingredients harmful to human health and the planet in the products. SPLAT minimizes its impact on the environment through the introduction and continuous improvement of the environmental management system. In the composition of its products only modern and safe components are used. Company does not test products on animals.

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