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ZBUD Sp z o.o. (Lifting Devices Construction Plant Ltd.) since its founding in Dąbrowa Tarnowska in 1985 has an everlasting story of success. In 1990 the company has introduced hoists and hand winches, which, thanks to high quality and fair price, allowed the company to dynamically develop.

The main consequence of obtaining an excellent reputation was broadening the company’s assortment by introducing jib cranes, overhead cranes and electric winches.  

In 2005 the company reached even higher level of offered services: ZBUD Ltd. accepted first orders to produce lifting devices for partners acting in the offshore sector. Nowadays ZBUD Ltd. is a renowned, recognizable expert producer of lifting devices. Offshore sector wares and wire rope hoists are a pearl in the crown of constantly extending company’s assortment. Dynamically developing ZBUD Ltd. has high hopes about its latest product: wire rope host Series THETA. Among the recipients of company’s products we can find companies representing different sectors, ranging from mining, the energy, to the shipbuilding industry.

Business values

ZBUD Ltd. is bestowed with an enormous trust by its customers thanks to the consequent compliance with rules, by which the company is guided, both in the sphere of production, and cooperation with customers. Except the obvious standard that consists of high quality of manufactured products, punctuality of contract delivery, honest price, full commitment, openness and flexibility to customer needs, the company gives much more of itself: ZBUD Ltd. approaches to each client individually to precisely match the provided equipment to his individual requirements. ZBUD Ltd. builds its success on clearly defined pillars. The company employs three hundred carefully selected employees, ensures their development through extra trainings in Poland and abroad, and carries out a specialist school inside the company, thanks to which the energy and creativity of younger employees is supported by deep knowledge of employees with greater and wider working experience. In addition, the company guarantees the access to the newest technologies, which fulfills the image of highly skilled, professional staff of employees, perfectly prepared to carry out their duties, concentrated on self – development and developing key abilities, necessary to work effectively. There is a great atmosphere in the company: ZBUD Ltd. puts the emphasis on cooperation between the employees and help from more experienced workers. In addition, modern machinery, excellent managerial capabilities, financial independence and the ability to flexibly and efficiently adapt to changing market requirements: all these factors make it possible to progressively broaden product and service offerings and expansion of the company, which guarantees the maintenance of a dominant market position and gain competitive advantage.

New perspectives

Thanks to the Polish accession to the EU, ZBUD Ltd. opened up new prospects for development, but, at the same time, the requirements of Polish customer about the quality of offered products have greatly increased. However, the company has adapted well to new conditions by using new innovative technologies, implementing modern technologically products and broadening the scope of services. Thanks to these treatments and appropriate investment in order to acquire specialized equipment and references (ZBUD Ltd. is an owner of many certificates, among them is the Quality Management System certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, the Quality Management System in Welding certificate PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007, certificates of such important Classification Societies as WUG, PRS, LLOYD REGISTER, DNV, ABV, BV, RS, and last but not least, certificate confirming an entry in the “Region of Tarnów Book of Prizes and Distinctions”, that has been granted to the company for the first time in 2003 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tarnów), the company is fully competitive against Western competitors, around 50 % of income is generated by orders from foreign customers, and company’s strategic plans of business development include further expansion on the European, Eastern and Scandinavian markets, as well as constant development of distributors’ network abroad.

Strong brand

Products manufactured by ZBUD Ltd. are, both in Poland and abroad, invariably associated with high quality, perfect delivery timing, and above all reliability. “A satisfied customer is by far the best advertisement of the company” – says Ryszard Jędraszek, CEO of ZBUD Ltd.

High standards

It would be impossible not to mention about two, extremely important in these days, aspects of the company’s activity: promotion of “green manufacturing” and Corporate Social Responsibility. Both those aspects are fully realized in the company, which puts great emphasis on reducing the pollution, selective recycling of wastes, using materials and technologies safe to the natural environment, but also promoting sound policies through the introduction of green products on the market, completely adapted to the very strict European standards on environmental protection. One of the company’s mottos is “Clear water for our children”. ZBUD Ltd. wishes to become nature’s spokesman and supporter – the company produces equipment, which have direct connection with clean water: waste – water treatment plant devices. In addition, the company for many years supports charity organizations and local initiatives, connected as well with supporting local government. Company’s representatives, and CEO Jędraszek in person, support financially and organizationally many events important for the local community. ZBUD Ltd. promotes not only development of business instinct among young people, but also Christian values, vital for transparent and responsible business activities. The main proof of such company’s interest is deep and personal commitment of CEO Jędraszek into 2nd Regional Contest dedicated to the teachings of John Paul the II under the motto “Be Great”, organized in 2009 for the pupils of elementary school, junior high school, high school and adults in Dąbrowa Tarnowska and other cities of the region. The idea of the 2nd edition of the contest, which proceeded under the slogan “Homeland in the teachings of John Paul the II” was to aware about the role of Homeland and patriotism in man’s life and approximation of John Paul the II himself. It is worth to mention, that ZBUD Ltd. has actively supported also the 1st edition of the contest in 2008. Except supporting vital to the local community of Dąbrowa Tarnowska events and contests, ZBUD Ltd. deeply commits into promotion of the healthy lifestyle, by co – financing events and sports organizations by renting sports halls, organizing football tournaments, picnics for employees and local media, such as “Nowy Kurier Dąbrowski”, “Głos Lisiej Góry” etc.


The company’s successes have been appropriately appreciated: ZBUD Ltd. is annually awarded with prestigious and valuable prizes and awards, such as Business Gazelle in 2008 (the company has not recorded loss in the years 2005 – 2007, recorded only sales growth during the same period of time and enjoys excellent reputation), “Transparent Company Certificate” (for transparent and honest financial statements published every year in Monitor Polski B), and “Diamonds of the Forbes Magazine” (ranking of Polish companies quickest increasing their values during the last three years, prepared in cooperation with the leading provider of global business information, Dan&Bradstreet), but the most important and pleasant prize for the company will always be a satisfied customer.


The activity of ZBUD Ltd. is an excellent example that Polish products and services do not stand out Western quality standards, but even leave them behind. The company is a strong advocate of the idea of consolidating the European market and international cooperation of the European companies (among the strategic partners of ZBUD Ltd. we can find such powerful organizations, as POLIMEX MOSTOSTAL SA, STALPRODUKT SA, RAFAKO SA, K.G.H.M. Polska Miedź, Trade Trans Sp. z o.o., Aker Solutions AS, TTS ), , Nationall Oilowell Varco, Aker Solutions AS, TTS), because only in the highest quality of offered products and professional customer service, the company sees a chance to effectively compete with the goods flowing from the Far East. 

Written by Jacek Głowacki


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