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Clever Company is a Russian holding operating on the market of children’s cosmetics and hair care products. The company is one of the leaders in this field both on the national and foreign markets.

One of the key features of this company is a great number of brands, created or distributed by them.

Basic information
The history of the Clever Company holding dates back to 2008, when the merger of three companies happened. The holding was created on the basis of Kosmetikmarket-Center that was established in 1995. Then 13 years later two more companies – KM-group and RoKolor – merged and formed the holding that is nowadays one of the leaders among the cosmetics producers on the Russian and international markets. The merger brought about a strong player on the market with a big number of research labs, manufacturing companies, and logistics centers in Russia and other countries. Simple calculation will let you see that the company has been on the market for quite a while, which means that many plans and tasks were set and accomplished, and the experience and understanding of different aspects have been sharpened during these years. The major focus of the company is development, production and launch of the conceptual products of high quality with creative design and assortment on the market. That’s what takes the company’s significant financial expenses. Along with that the company also works on the ways to distribute skin and hair cosmetics, make up cosmetics, professional and salon cosmetics of the famous international producers. The company has its branches in St. Petersburg and Ukraine. The number of clients is so big that practically all of the trading networks of Russia as well as numerous independent retailers are covered. Over 1000 skillful employees make it possible for the company to grow and flourish. And this growth and development are happening not just in the eyes of the company itself, but it is approved by the professionals of the market and independent experts as well as by the consumers.

The brands of the company
The company’s name is transliterated from a Russian word for “clover”. It is interesting that the transliteration actually looks like another English word. And if you didn’t know that the company is calling itself clover, not clever you would not be that wrong in a sense that the decisions that the company management makes do prove it to be clever. The key aspects of the company growth and development have everything to do with the brands. The company is continually investing into the creation of the new brands, the major of which is Princess TM. This relatively young trademark of cosmetics for girls aged 5-12 has been approved by the love and respect of the consumers since 2003, and in 2006 this trademark won the prestigious Russian award «EFFIE – BRAND OF THE YEAR 2006» for the brand creation. The children’s cosmetics is the major activity of the company, and this is the process which gets a lot of of attention, investment and resources. The results of this work speak for themselves. Princess brand is the leading brand of the market of children’s cosmetics due to the constant expand of the assortment of skin and hair products, make up cosmetics, and products of other categories (hair accessories, purses, bags, books, children outfit, mobile phone accessories, imitation jewelry, stationery). In 2010 Erich-Krause obtained the license for the production of stationery under Princess trademark. One of the most serious achievements of the company is the development of NEPOSEDA trademark for the youngest consumers. The products of this brand have been approved as safe and of high quality both by mothers and babies for 15 years of existence. The series of products is divided into 3 age groups: for babies from their birth (0+), from 6 months (6m+), and from 3 years (3+). The components of each products are carefully chosen according to baby’s age needs. Clever products cover the whole range of baby care products needed for diapers change, washing, massage, being outside. NEPOSEDA children’s cosmetics have successfully passed the clinical tests for efficiency. The quality and hypoallergenicity of these products are verified by dermatologists. The company’s collection of brands is constantly being expanded. Clever Company obtained the exclusive permissions for the production of the products under the Walt Disney trademark. The company received the awards for creating WITCH and Disney Baby product lines in The best Disney product category and The best development of Disney products. The company is also focusing on the work with the licensed brands. SPIDER-MAN brand was the first one under which the company manufactured some products. After that the number of licenses grew and reached as many as 17. One of the major directions is hair care products. RoKolor brand products are taking the leading position among the Russian hair dye producers. The range of products under this brand covers every possible product needed for dying. RoKolor and Tonika trademarks have won the contest for The best cosmetics of the year, The best product of the year, and The brand of the year for several times. These two trademarks are exceptional in a sense that they take up 10% of the national (Russian) market, whereas usually the maximum share of the local companies is not higher than 3%. CONCEPT is the brand of the professional hair cosmetics created by the Clever Company. The company is able to supply a hair stylist with every necessary product for dying, curling, special care, and styling as well as to offer a training program, seminars, and master-classes for the professionals.

Major dynamics
The results and achievements of the Clever Company clearly show that the general tendencies and dynamics that that the company management undertakes are working and promising. It is important to see some of the key aspects of the company’s operation. When asked about the company’s strategic potential, three things were mentioned by the company’s representative: human resources, production capacity, and clever distribution. Flexibility, quick decision making and mobility are named as key features of success. Over the past few years the company’s focus has turned from the quantity to quality. A lot of attention is paid to the distribution and to the promotion of the brands. As to the perspective and plans for the future, Clever Company is planning to take even deeper roots in the field of children’s cosmetics, expanding the geography of sales, and mastering the makeup market. All of that conforms with the general mission of the company, which is the creation of the latest cosmetics based on the innovative formula and components from the leading specialists in this field. People, which are interested in the business, and are able to act and achieve results, are the basis and the major asset of the company. Clever Company appreciates friendly, professional and partner relationships, and respects its serious competitors. The company is set to make interesting and profitable offers to its distributors and consumers. All of the above is underlined with the fact that the company firmly believes that their attitude to work and the products they manufacture will help them keep their good reputation for many years. It seems that the company is never going to stop growing just like its major consumers, and that proves that the decisions that are made by the management are correct and good, and secure a great future for the company. 

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