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Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. is a Company specializing in general contracting in the construction industry, both of general and industrial type.

The Enterprise has been operating successfully on the Polish and foreign markets (including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) for more than 15 years, carrying out all stages of construction projects from idea, construction and executive project through implementation phase up to putting the finished facility into operation. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. has built many facilities, both industrial (steel halls, warehouses, production plants) as well as residential. Many projects have had wide repercussions on the construction industry in Poland. The Company can boast of many awards and recognitions, regarding not only the construction activity, but also doing business.

Methodology of work
In order to implement a complex investment successfully, the Company Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. attaches great importance to the development of technology and methodology of work. This involves the use of efficient, modern methods of project management, using trustworthy products. The Company cooperates with carefully selected suppliers and subcontractors. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. analyzes the quality of services at each stage of the investment through partial acceptance process. The Enterprise conducts continuous monitoring of new buildings in terms of quality and suitability for operation. Additionally, the Company’s asset is its qualified staff, including highly specialized engineering and technical staff. Each stage of cooperation with Partners: from design, through choosing location, financing, up to implementation and service is carefully defined. Methods and correctness of design affect the quality and pace of implementation. The Company has its own office of design and construction and modern 3D software Bocad, which are the basis of a general contractorship. These facilities allow to shorten design phase and enable fast design changes, even at the stage of implementation. Participation in the investment process as a direct investor, including the search for a suitable location of steel halls allowed the Company to understand the problems that the Investor meets every day. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. proposes a location based on a detailed marketing analysis in terms of its suitability for a particular business. As a general contractor, Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. monitors the real estate market, having always current database of land for investments. Due to the large scale of its activity the Company also receives offers directly from the land owners. Its activity as a general contractor is based on modern logistics techniques which shorten the implementation. What is more, Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. offers its Customers a free service inspections. They are not afraid of the cost of maintenance, because they are sure of their quality. The inspections never ends once the warranty has expired. Playing the role of a general contractor, Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. can also assist the Customer in assessing the degree of investment risk and it can propose a solution taking into account the needs resulting from the nature of the business. One of the main advantages for the Investor is that he does not invest its capital during the investment process. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. takes the burden of financing an investment and offers to use the building on the principles of the rental or lease. General contractor Trasko-Invest Sp. z o.o. assumes the risk associated with the investment, allowing the Customer to focus on their business, in which the Customer is specialized.

Success and Customers’ confidence
During its presence on the market of construction services Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. has always been trying to meet the growing demands of Customers, regardless of where it executes the order. Customer satisfaction is the final criterion for the Company’s performance evaluation. The aim of the Enterprise has always been Customers’ satisfaction with the services provided at the highest level in the shortest possible time. It is worth noting that Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. can compete with other enterprises having a strong base of foreign companies due to continue development and improvement of the quality of its work. The purpose of Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. policy is to provide Customers with quality services, going well beyond the narrow sense of the phrase “proper implementation of the investment project”. While presenting its offer, the Company gives much more than just specialized work. Primarily it offers to take the difficulties of the investment process and to guarantee efficient and satisfactory cooperation. The last period of Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. activity witnessed strengthening its position in the construction services. Rational management of assets and building professional human resources potential enabled the Company to develop a solid and stable position on the market. Moreover, it allows Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. to gain reputation of a reliable Company that carries out investments efficiently. A good Investors’ reputation of a construction company is not to be underestimated – Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. has it constantly in mind while doing its business.

Effective response to dynamic changes in the market
Not only the current fast growing economy permits Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. to evolve constantly. The Company implements new orders, which are proof of the confidence of Customers who come back, signing new contracts in the framework of continued cooperation. This is worth emphasizing because it is a proof of Investors’ satisfaction. For Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. there is no better form of recognition of professionalism than new orders. One important phrase became the Company’s motto: “We are building for those who are demanding.” It expresses the aim of the Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. For several years the Company has been struggling on the market of construction services to meet the growing demands of the Customers, whose satisfaction is the final criteria of the Company’s evaluation. Its aim has always been Customers’ satisfaction with the service performed at the highest level with the shortest possible time. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. is convinced that in order to compete with other companies they must constantly develop and improve the quality. For this reason, the Enterprise bets on the continuous development of infrastructure and personnel, because they have an impact on competitiveness on the market.

A five-member Management Board of Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. is constantly improving working methods, management processes and, consequently, the functioning of the Company. Weekly meetings, as well as the efficient flow of information between them affect effective and smooth decision-making process. In addition, the Board is in constant contact with the staff which makes decisions related to specific projects, and also has at its disposal an internal Legal Department. In Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. there is a transparent scheme of subordination, and thus – the responsibility for assigned tasks. This allows a smooth transfer of responsibilities and allows to observe tangible effects of the activities of each employee. In addition, the existing way of bonuses make the amount of the incentive depend on the Company’s financial results. In this way the sense of responsibility of each employee for the Company’s results is developed. All employees work for Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. success. The Company’s strong point is certainly qualified personnel, including highly specialized engineering and technical staff, experienced in building facilities on the European market. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. provides its employees with the opportunity to improve their qualifications, so that the level of services not only meet all the technical and legal standards, but also Cstomers’ expectations. The Company has in its structure managers, who handle contacts with Customers since starting their investment plan up to the facility opening. These people become Clients’ partners in the investment process. They offer their professionalism in preparing the investment program, development of project documentation, valuation works, implementation and putting the object into operation, in accordance with the principle of a general contractor: from the project to the facility. This shows the high professionalism of Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o.

Prospects for further development and investment
To be able to compete effectively on the market, Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. recognizes the continuous development of infrastructure and personnel as its priority. They provide the Company’s competitiveness in the sector of construction services. The Company is planning to increase sales in the domestic market at least by 10% per year and to expand their business specialized in industries related to construction, such as aluminum joinery and sanitary installations. Speaking about investments, Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. can boast the ongoing implementation of the shopping center GLOBUS in Odincowo Moscow. The Enterprise has already carried out a number of other foreign investments: in Russia, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary. A plan for the coming period is to increase sales of construction services in Poland and abroad. Mid- and long-term plans refer to extend the range of services and include also some other specialized work. In this area Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. operates through a number of companies affiliated with the Company in the group. Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. hopes that these companies will expand their business and gain new Customers.

Activities outside the industry
Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. cooperates with local authorities and is involved in a number of social projects, such as, among others, reconstruction of educational institutions, gyms, building tennis courts available to the local community, sponsoring various social actions or promoting the public benefit organizations. The Company is also the founder of the Foundation “Remembrance” (“Pamięć”).

Awards and prizes
Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. high qualifications and professionalism is confirmed by a large number of awards and prizes. The Company is a member of the National Chamber of Construction and is among the 500 largest Polish companies listed by “Rzeczpospolita” and “Policy”, as well as among top construction companies in the ranking conducted by the Institute of Analysis of the Economic Affairs, “Warsaw Business Journal” and the monthly “Murator”. Central Bureau of National Certification sp. z o.o. has awarded Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. certificate POLISH EXCLUSIVE 2014 and 2015. The Company also received the title Ruby HIT 2014 with three stars for high quality construction services, awarded for the shopping centre Borek in Ostrzeszów. In the same year the Company was awarded the prize Company of the Year 2014 in the competition “EAGLES OF POLISH ENTREPRENEURSHIP” in the category Construction. What is more, Trasko-Invest sp. z o.o. received the “Forbes” Diamond in Wielkopolska region, winning first place for the most dynamic growth in the value of the company. Each year the Company receives new prizes and awards. It is, among others, the winner of the contest “Poland Now”, “Quality of the Year in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015”, “POLISH EXCLUSIVE 2015”, “Outstanding Exporter of the Year 2014”, “Construction Company of the Year 2015”, “LEADER OF POLISH BUILDING SECTOR 2015”, “Quality Mark VICTORIA Entrepreneurs” and many others. Trasko-Invest Sp. z o.o. treats all awards as a recognitions of the highest competence in the construction industry. At the same time all awards are good motivation to maintain a quality leadership on the Polish and foreign market. 

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