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Powertrain Asia Pacific Summit 2017
June 7-9·Shanghai


The global powertrain market is expected to expand rapidly, from a value of US$365.6 billion in 2013, to an estimated US$524.6 billion by 2020, a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3%. The Asia Pacific region has experienced the most rapid growth of any region in the powertrain industry, but stricter standards related to vehicle emissions, fuel quality, and fuel consumption limits, have presented substantial challenges for companies. Thus, developing new technologies that improve performance and fuel economy become important priorities for companies in the industry.


Continuing its eight years of engagement with and support for the powertrain industry, Duxes will host the Powertrain Asia Pacific Summit 2017, on June 7-9 in Shanghai. The summit will feature three days of in-depth testimony from government officials, researchers, analysts, and representatives of professional associations and companies, regarding topics at the forefront of powertrain industry in Asia.


The summit’s first day will begin with presentations from officials from regulatory agencies in China, South Korea, and the ASEAN trading bloc, updating attendees on new laws and regulations affecting the powertrain market, including predictions for future trends in standards for fuel consumption, with comprehensive analysis of the social background, and suggestions for companies in mitigating the effects of stricter standards. The summit will continue with analysis from the corporate perspective, as executives of prominent automotive companies discuss the powertrain market environment across Asia. The second and third days of the summit shift focus to the technical aspect of powertrain manufacturing and productions, including thorough exploration of topics related to engines, transmissions, lubricants and catalysts, hybrid vehicle powertrain systems, battery electric vehicle powertrain systems, with an emphasis on technologies that achieve reduction to emissions, and greater fuel efficiency.


At this opportune time for the powertrain industry, marked by exciting new technologies, and numerous growth markets, Duxes is proud to provide the Powertrain Asia Pacific Summit 2017 as a platform for exchange and cooperation. Professionals working in the powertrain sector, for OEMs, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers, are invited to attend.


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