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RUSKOMTRANS is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise. The commercial vehicle plant RUSKOMTRANS, located in the city of Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod region, is a manufacturer of a wide range of special equipment:

loader cranes, aerial working platforms, tow trucks, vans, medical and social transport, small capacity buses, mobile workshops, laboratories and special vehicles.

Company history
The plant of commercial transport RUSKOMTRANS was created on basis of Mechanicalplant of Balakhna which had been founded in 1934. The last one produced different metal goods and tools as well as spare parts for vehicles. During World War II, the plant accomplished defense orders for the Soviet Army’s needs. The years after the War, the plant produced municipal vehicles: refuse collectors and all kind of containers. In 2005, the management changed, and the reconstruction of the plant was done, being exact: building of new production facilities was started, renovation of administrative building was done, spectrum of products was changed. The plant began stake out the market of vans of various applications acquiring the name of the Plant of commercial transport RUSKOMTRANS. In 2000s, the plant was focused on the refitting of full metal body vans, speed shops and mobile laboratories. In 2007, RUSKOMTRANS was awarded the status of an exclusive distributor at the territory of Russian Federation of two leading international brands as СТЕ& EFFER and started to produce working aerial platforms and cranes. In 2011, RUSKOMTRANS was recognized as the Best European Dealer of СТЕ. At the moment, there are two plants producing special vehicles situated in Balakhna and Dzerzhinsk cities of Nizhny Novgorod region.

Main products
Every year the commercial vehicle plant RUSKOMTRANS produces 1500 units of special equipment. RUSKOMTRANS produces boom-trucks on Russian and foreign chassis. The company is also an exclusive distributor of EFFER cranes - the world leader in the segment of cranes heavy-duty - at the territory of RF. The product range includes modern, high performance cranes with a lifting moment from 2 up to 300 tons/m. Plant of Commercial Transport RusKomTrans is an exclusive distributor at the territory of Russian Federation of cranes HYUNDAI. The Hyundai cranes are made according to the highest quality standards. Optimal performances allow to ensure security and a high durability of design. RusKomTrans is also an exclusive distributor of the trade mark Maxilift – micro series of hydraulic cranes with lifting moment up to 4,8 t/m. These cranes could be mounted on rear bodies as well as inside of vans. Cranes SIBERIA are made exclusively for RusKomTrans Ltd. by an Italian company. The range of SIBERIA cranes are mounted on different chassis of local and foreign manufacturers. SIBERIA cranes are designed to meet rough weather conditions. RUSKOMTRANS was one of the first who developed an area of production of multi-purpose vehicles demanded on the market. They combine several functions such as truck-mounted aerial platform, crane, drilling machine and others. A multi-purpose vehicle combined with functions of crane, working aerial platform and drill mounting. The company produces vans of carcass-type as well as using the technology of bonded sandwich panels of different applications: speed shops and mobile laboratories, crew buses. Highlight projects of 2014 were crew buses on SCANIA & MAN chassis. The vans are manufactured on the chassis of Russian and foreign production. One of the most progressive directions is the production of the recovery trucks on different chassis with different platforms. From 2014, RusKomTrans produces different tank vehicles for all manner of fields of life necessities. The guidelines are: gas-tank, oil, bitumen and water tank trucks as well as tank cisterns for chemical and food products.

Manufacturing process and quality control
A dynamic development of the company became possible because of the totality of positive factors. One of them is the introduction and use of principles and tools of KAIZEN management & Lean production in the manufacturing. RUSKOMTRANS Ltd. owns 25 service centers at the territory of Russian Federation. Perform Quality Control of products in the plant is effected by QC department. The receipt inspection of the quality of the main materials is necessary for conformity of materials and parts to determined national and branch standards as well as to technical conditions for the supply of parts and materials. The company runs in-process control to check documents and technologies, rules of storage and packing of the goods between operations. Final quality inspection is performed to check the conformity of the quality of a ready product to standards, technical conditions and customer’s requirements.

Working aerial platforms
RUSKOMTRANS is an exclusive distributor of the CTE S.p.a company (Italy). It offers telescopic and articulated working aerial platforms wheel mounted and tracked ones with lifting height up to 75m. Concerning the boom type, working aerial platforms differ in telescopic and articulated ones. The advantage of telescopic work aerial platforms is simplicity of design (main boom + telescopic booms). Telescopic aerials of High Range could be equipped by telescopic jib that allows to reduce the vehicle size in transport position. The main difference from articulated aerials is their small size and agility by means of Z – shaped configuration of the boom, that ensures a parallel moving of the boom respect to the object and allows to use the vehicle in narrow spaces. All the work aerial platforms of the RusKomTrans Ltd. company could be made on chassis of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Strategic potential
The Company has its own Design and Manufacturing Engineering Department that allows developing a quality design documentation, necessary for the production in conformity to requirements of Russian Standards and Safety rules. Specialists of the Advanced design Office perfect products taking in consideration new tendencies and using various technical innovative solutions. The company is constantly working to increase the upturn in technologic and economic cycles as much as the well-being of the employers; to extend sales markets, upscale production and to create new job positions as well as to maintain reputation of the Supplier of the quality product for competitive prices. It is very important for the company to maintain the relationship with the Custоmer to evaluate his requirements and satisfaction and constantly improve the Quality management system in according to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2011. The company’s goal is to perfect the Perform Quality Control of products through the introduction of PDCA cycle, one of the KAIZEN tools; to provide an efficient and punctual aftersales service and to make an internal dynamic of improvements the systematic one. RUSKOMTRANS’s clients on the territory of the Russian Federation are large oil companies, energy companies, manufacturers and sellers of special equipment, as well as a state leasing company. The partners of the plant are domestic and foreign chassis manufacturers: GAZ, KamAZ, MAZ, URAL Automobile Plant, Mercedes-Benz RUS, Ford Motor Company, Scania, Hyundai ComTrans Rus LLC, Sollers-Elabuga LLC, Nissan Motor RUS LLC, Hino Motors Sales LLC and others. RUSKOMTRANS is the exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation of the two largest international brands in the sphere of lifting and moving cargoes and people of STE and EFFER, as well as the dealer of Palfinger, UNIC, PM, FASSI, Kanglim, etc., which makes it possible to offer the customer the most effective solution for his business.

Export to other countries
The share of export deliveries in the whole volume of goods the company produces is around 10%, but RUSKOMTRANS is constantly working on increasing this share. The company is interested in collaboration with the CIS countries and countries outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States because of the potential demand on the products. The company supplies goods to Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and has a strong wish to extend the geography of deliveries to introduce a large range of equipment it produces to the customers.

New investments
All the profit of the company is now directed to the construction of a new production and the purchase of equipment. RUSKOMTRANS invests continuously into the renewal of plant. The company is constantly buying new equipment, restoring the production and bringing new production technologies. In the nearest future RUSKOMTRANS is planning to make the main investments in new facility situated in Dzerzhinsk Cty, Nizhny Novgorod region. The plant continuously issues new products to the market, develops new projects and improves existing products. Every year, RUSKOMTRANS introduces the new models of working aerial platforms, complicated laboratories, workshops with cranes and this year won’t be an exсeption. Concerning tank vehicles, RUSKOMTRANS is thinking to start production of aluminium semitrailer tanks and these ones on chassis. 

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