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Greatly simplifying, we can say that the success of any organization depends on meeting the four basic requirements:

proper identification of needs of the market, professionally prepared staff, regardless of hierarchy level, excellent technical background and appropriate management procedures, optimal in the relation to the company’s current know – how, finally, though not in the terms of importance, there is a fourth requirement: the ability to provide effective logistics solutions, so that in each case products and services were delivered and implemented according to the most specific Customer requirements. Needless to say, all the decisions in these areas require constant updating and monitoring. While in the modern world the information has the greatest value of all goods, punctuality and reliability of supply have great impact on the company’s final image. Processes of globalization highly increased the role of the fourth requirement in the efforts of organizations, trying to strengthen their competitive positions. Corporations owning manufacturing facilities all over the world more often refer to the skills of professionals who specialize in the optimization of logistics solutions, so they could meet the needs of globally operating organizations. Among these professionals, a new player has appeared recently, increasingly gaining the trust of Customers. Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to present DCT Gdansk S.A.

The History of the Company
It is hard to believe, how fast the development of DCT Gdansk S.A. is progressing. The decision to start the investment and choose the location of the future logistics primus was made in 2005. Over the next two years the construction work was carried out, using the latest equipment and technology. More than 400 people were involved at peak times. For the first time in Poland, steel highly resistant to corrosion was used for the construction. By implementing these and other efficient building solutions, the company began its activity in October 2007. Since then, DCT’s competitive position strengthens continuously. With advanced technology and highest quality of services, DCT Gdansk S.A. established cooperation with Maersk Line – the world’s largest container operator, which resulted in achieving the position of the second largest container terminal in Poland. The company did not stop its development though. Another investment and maintaining cooperation with other major companies in the industry resulted in the extension of Maersk Line’s AE10 service, directly to the terminal in January 2010. Thanks to this fact, DCT Gdansk S.A. is the only container terminal in Poland, which supports weekly, direct container connection with the Far East (mainly China). As the “hub”, it is also able to reload the containers destined for the countries bordering the Baltic Sea. At the moment, DCT Gdansk S.A. is one of the largest container terminals in the Baltic, the most dynamically developing company offering this type of services in Poland, the only one in our country, which is able to efficiently handle the largest transoceanic “Post Panamax” class vessels. It is also worth mentioning that DCT Gdansk S.A. is the only container terminal in the Baltic region, which is able to handle deep – sea container vessels – because of its location and infrastructure.

How to become a logistics primus ?
Logistics industry is extremely demanding. Globally active organizations build their positions, inter alia, on the basis of perfect plans to deliver their products to all markets, on which they operate. Timeliness and reliability of supply is the crucial condition for the effective implementation of expansion plans of companies, which have international ambitions. For this reason, the company responsible for the provision of such services can not afford even the slightest oversight. Rapidly growing list of DCT’s Customers indicates that the terminal in Gdansk is a reliable and trusted business partner. Let’s then analyze different areas of the company’s activity to find out, how to become a logistics primus in the circumstances of tough competition in the market. Employees are the most important part of any organization. At the moment, DCT Gdansk S.A. employs over 300, perfectly prepared for their tasks Employees, mostly young and dynamic. The company offers a wide range of training, aimed at the development of both soft and hard skills of each Employee, regardless of his position. DCT’s CEO, Mr. Boris Wenzel, lists some courses and trainings available to Employees working in the organization: the course of the driving license category C, an exam for electricians and mechanics, forklift driving training course, examination for truck operators, training for crane maintenance, courses in accounting and secretariat, and even post – graduate studies, international conferences and many others. These capabilities combined with very rich social package make DCT Gdansk S.A. a great place to work, bringing together satisfied professionals, which transforms into work efficiency. To maintain the high level of efficiency, it is essential to own well – equipped technical facilities. Using the latest technologies and specialized machines in combination with an extensive infrastructure of the terminal and correct decisions determining the direction of the development of the company result in constant growth of the terminal’s capability year after year. Achieving the level of 450 000 TEU in 2010 means the 177 % increase, comparing to the previous year. Meanwhile, the company plans to achieve the level of 840 000 TEU in 2012. And although in comparison to the possibilities of the largest hubs in Europe, such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Rotterdam, is a relatively small result, the pace of development of DCT Gdansk S.A. suggests that Polish terminal will become one of the major European hubs in not so distant future. These forecasts are also based on the growing interest of the largest companies, also because of the very wide range of services by DCT Gdansk S.A. and highest quality at every stage of the execution of contracts. Among the company’s business partners we can find such prestigious organizations, as A.P. Moller – Maersk Group, Cosco, Evergreen, Hapag Lloyd, HDS Line, Hyundai Merchant Marine, K Line, MOL, NYK, UASC, ZIM, China Shipping and others. The dynamics of development and the trust of the company’s business Customers have been adequately appreciated. Despite its young age, DCT Gdansk S.A. was awarded with many prizes. CEO Wenzel tells us about the most important of them: “Złota Żyrafa 2008” - for the current economic activity and hope for the future; “ Bursztynowa Kaczka 2008” - granted by KIGM as the most spectacular achievement contributing to the development of sea transport; DCT Gdansk was also nominated for the “Teraz Polska” emblem in 2010. The economic situation of the maritime logistics industry is improving, even in the context of the still raging financial crisis. At the same time we must remember that competition in this area of services is enormous, and DCT Gdansk S.A. still doesn’t have a dominant position in relation to Western European firms. However, it seems that the Management is doing everything to make the company’s motto: “DCT Gdansk – your Baltic gateway to the world” convince as much potential partners as possible to cooperate. Without a doubt, considering the steps taken by the company to strengthen its market position, we can conclude that the differences between DCT and the industry giants become smaller every year, which is also affected by an excellent location and infrastructure, optimally supporting both the rail transport, as well as automobile. 

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