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Gorinchem – To support product designers TotalEnergies Corbion has enabled Sphera’s Product Sustainability (formerly GaBi) database users to access the Luminy® PLA ecological product profile. The ECO profile allows designers to quantify the environmental impact PLA in product design and production choosing Luminy® PLA.

Sphera’s Product Sustainability software is the world's leading Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modelling and reporting software with intuitive data collection and result analytics. LCA is a scientific based technique that allows optimizing the environmental impact of a product, through a comprehensive assessment of its lifecycle. From extraction of a raw material to its disposal or preparation for reuse, all relevant environmental impacts are considered, as far as quantifiable. Sphera’s Product Sustainability database has by far the largest Lifecycle Inventory (LCI) data industry coverage worldwide. Also, regionalized water and land use data are included throughout.

“The detailed analysis of scenarios in the production and end-of-life phase enables our customers to choose the most sustainable solution for their products. Making our LCA data available in the leading databases will give access to our data to every Sphera LCA Software user globally. All users will be able to add our data to their own modelling to complete their view on the environmental impacts of their supply chain,” says François de Bie, Senior Marketing and Supply Chain Director at TotalEnergies Corbion. He adds, “Now producers and brandowners are quickly able to quantify the Green House Gas emissions saving that a conversion to biobased Luminy PLA will bring for their products. Such “cradle to grave” analyses are helpful to comply with the latest EU Taxonomy regulations and allow brandowners to make credible claims about the CO2 reductions”.

Mike Zamis, Sphera’s chief product officer, added, “Sphera’s Product Sustainability database is built on primary industry data and provides a proven, science-based environmental data foundation, which is crucial for enabling businesses to make informed decisions for sustainable product solutions. Sphera’s Product Sustainability databases provide a robust, reliable foundation for every ESG and sustainability program.”

Informed decision-making in production, setup and design will contribute to achieving sustainability goals across industries. Sphera’s Product Sustainability databases provide explicit knowledge of the product’s environmental performance through scenario analysis. This is an important tool to meet today’s market expectations and for the contribution of product designers to tackling environmental concerns. TotalEnergies Corbion believes in an unbiased and transparent reporting of the environmental impact of its PLA resins.

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