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Whether you’re traveling between Moscow and St. Petersburg regularly or just once, the Sapsan train is indisputably the best way to go. That’s even more the case if you need to accomplish anything along the way. Not only can you work more hours consecutively without interruption, trains are less prone to delays than are flights. Business travelers should always consider a Sapsan train first. But for all the reasons why those who need to be productive, save time, travel in peace or stay on schedule should choose Sapsan tickets, read on.

Reason #1: Work (or Relax) in Peace

WiFi is included in several ticket classes on a Sapsan train: Business and First Classes, as well as the Conference Cabin. Business, or just busy, travelers will appreciate the train’s carpet which muffles the sounds of suitcases and footsteps. The seats are comfortable and wide, so your neighbors’ elbows won’t distract either. Power outlets keep you powered up and empowered to work or be entertained. When considering that a hot meal will be served to your seat, it’s worth the extra cost to book in one of these classes. Even if you or your company is sticking to a travel budget, the family car on a Sapsan train attracts children like a magnet. Parents are likely to take children to the family car so they’re not crying, running or squawking about while you’re trying to get something done. However, the best guarantee of peace and quiet on a mode of transport is to book in one of the higher classes or the Conference cabin.

Reason #2: Sapsan Convenience

The Sapsan is the smoothest mode of transport between the two cities. Zipping from one city center to the other, instead arriving at the outskirts and then getting a taxi or shuttle, saves time. The Sapsan Moscow to St. Petersburg route or the reverse trip removes airport hassles, perhaps giving you time to see a sight instead of just working. Knowing what your four hours will and won’t entail, instead of dealing with long security lines, lost luggage, or flight delays can put your mind at rest. It also allows you to book important meetings and events sooner after you arrive in the new city.

Reason #3: Sapsan’s Business Travel Card

Did you know Sapsan has a Business Travel card? For anyone living or staying in Russia for a while, or for those with recurring trips, such an arrangement brings numerous benefits. The cards can be purchased for 30, 90 or 180 days. These periods offer 8, 24 or 48 trips, respectively. With this card, reservations are more flexible.

Reason #4: Give the Environment a Break

Train rides reduce emissions by 90% compared to a flight. The Russian rail system is consistently trying to reduce emissions. It’s doing better than most rail systems in the world, and is certainly better than flying. The Sapsan Moscow to St. Petersburg makes the trip as quickly overall but reduces guilt.

Reason #5: Flexibility

More than ten Sapsan trains travel between the two metropolises daily. For that reason, Sapsan tickets fit better into most schedules than other modes of transport. Likewise, the train trip interrupts other plans less often, because delays aren’t as common as with planes. Russians are surprised when a train arrives four minutes late. Since the high-speed trip between the two cities takes only about four hours, it also leaves more room in the day to accomplish other things.


Booking a Sapsan ticket is the best choice for most travelers going between Moscow and St. Petersburg by train. Nevertheless, business travelers will enjoy even more advantages than a tourist or an infrequent traveler. Without hectic, loud companions nearby and while seated more comfortably, business travelers can get more done faster. Greater reliability prevents scheduling problems caused by plane drama and road traffic. Better yet, with the Sapsan Business travel card, advantages abound when booking Sapsan tickets. Whether you’re commuting regularly for a while, just making a few trips or just need some guaranteed work time, Sapsan delivers by anticipating your needs. If you’re not from Russia, don’t forget that traveling on a high-speed train is all part of the Russian experience. 

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