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Customers could select, compare, send requests online from now on

The rapid availability of components is essen5al for a successful produc5on. In the new DOPAG online

product portal, operators of metering and mixing systems, system integrators or other suppliers of dispensing technology can now find a comprehensive range of components for metering and mixing. These include pumps, metering and dispensing valves as well as components for monitoring and control.

For each product, customers will find extensive product informa5on and technical data. DOPAG customers can access worldwide the product portal online at any 5me, compare products online and request them directly. In addi5on, they can conveniently call up STEP files, technical drawings and service literature.

Individual solutions

The modular structure of the product range enables an individual solu5on to be developed that meets all the requirements for the applica5on. Single-component and dual-component lubricants, adhesives, sealants and poHng compounds with different viscosi5es and proper5es can be processed. From various material supply systems and metering technologies and a wide range of valve types to process monitoring systems, offers DOPAG everything from a single source. Different variants of individual products guarantee maximum flexibility.

Global availability

Thanks to extensive stocks, DOPAG can supply urgently needed spare parts as well as components for new metering and mixing systems at short no5ce. The global distribu5on network ensures consistent produc5on standards and fast availability for interna5onal companies throughout the world.

Functions and contents of the new product portal:

  • Comprehensive filter func5on for product selec5on
  • Compare products
  • STEP files
  • Technical data
  • Service literature
  • Technical drawings

Discover the new DOPAG product portal:

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