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BMK invests in modern pin insertion technology

Augsburg, November 03, 2021 - The electronics service provider BMK, relies on state-of-the-art technology and process stability in electronics manufacturing. For this reason, BMK has invested in the latest generation of pin insertion systems.

In high thermal, mechanical, electrical, and safety-relevant applications, the tolerance ranges are very small during the application of press-fit pins (connectors). This is also often the case for automotive applications.

The precise positioning of the pins is extremely crucial for constant and reliable functionality. The individual placement of pins is favorable over the selective soldering of countless pins and the pressing of entire connectors because the required force-displacement ratio can be monitored and tracked for each pin.

In addition, there can be various customized solutions for each individual pin i.e., there are matching counterparts for all connectors or contact points, which are particularly common in the automotive industry.

BMK offers its customers the latest generation of inline-capable pin insertion technology with the P280 from manufacturer TE Connectivity. The first customer order has already been validated using this system. The project dealt with ensuring extremely high requirements and sturdiness of a vehicle’s engine control system.

Christian Wutz, Head of Operations, emphasizes, " Through the automatic processing of action pins, we are expanding our range of services and offering our customers reliable and innovative manufacturing technology.”

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