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EMEA Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2015·November 18-19, 2015


With the pace of economic recovery taking place around the world, the off-highway vehicle industry is growing with market expansion in EMEA regions. The European construction machinery market, which is both mature and sustainable, is expected to develop at a yearly rate of 6.5% throughout 2015. Furthermore, the Middle East seems to be a promising region with government-led initiatives, which will continue to drive growth and infrastructure in the GCC construction sector, especially with the prospect of the UAE Expo in 2020 and the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.

According to the requirements of industry peers and with the aim of taking advantage of this infrequent opportunity, Duxes organizes the EMEA Off-Highway Vehicle industry summit. International leading OEMs, vendors and distributors are set to meet with regional government regulators and industry associations at the Summit in order to discuss the current situation of the industry and the best actions to take to expand in EMEA markets and ensure the continuing success of their businesses. Furthermore, the latest vital issues affecting the community will be covered including: innovative promotion & marketing channels, aftermarket study & profitability enhancement, OEM business optimization & strategy development will be presented in detail.

Duxes’ EMEA Off-Highway Vehicle Summit 2015 is due to take place on November 18-19, 2015 in Dubai. With 6 years of experience hosting 12 summits, a series of big successes and long-lasting memories and respected industry investigation have certified the value and worth of this summit bringing much expectation. It will also be a great opportunity and an excellent business platform for identifying potential partners and boosting your OHV business in EMEA.

We are looking forward to seeing you on November 18th-19th 2015 in Dubai.

Event Review

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Since 2008, Duxes has developed a special relationship with the OHV industry in China and Asia-pacific. Over those years, Duxes OHV series offers successful OHV events, bi-monthly Duxes China OHV Journals, and exclusively-released industry reports, consistently providing OHV OEMs, spare part vendors and rule makers with an unparalleled platform for communication, analysis and overall understanding.


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