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AB Volvo has finalized the sale of Volvo Aero to the global engineering company,
GKN, for the equivalent of SEK 6.9 billion on a debt-free basis. The transaction
was finalized after receiving approval from the appropriate authorities.
The sale is expected to generate a positive nonrecurring effect on operating
income of SEK 300 M in the “Corporate functions and other” segment in the fourth
quarter, net after reversed depreciations. Financial net debt will be reduced by
approximately SEK 5 billion in the fourth quarter.

As a step in further streamlining the Volvo Group toward commercial vehicles, AB
Volvo initiated a process of assessing the options of identifying a new owner
for Volvo Aero in late November 2011. The company selected GKN plc, a global
engineering business that serves the automotive, aerospace and land systems
markets. It has operations in more than 30 countries and around 45,000 employees
in subsidiaries and joint ventures.

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