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Gouda, the Netherlands - Royal Imtech N.V. (IM-AE, technical services provider in and outside Europe) announces that it has received orders worth 68 million euro for expansion, improvement and upgrading of technical solutions - including improving energy efficiency - for several German car and truck manufacturers, including Audi, Daimler, Volkswagen and MAN in Germany, Slovakia and the Far East.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: 'The automotive industry is and will remain an important 'engine' for the German economy. Imtech here occupies a strong position as a technology partner and is actively involved with the design and implementation of advanced technical infrastructure solutions. Energy efficiency in these solutions is key. In addition, end-to-line test solutions are supplied. From out of Germany these test facilities are increasingly exported to new car manufacturing countries like China, India and Thailand.'

New orders
For Daimler in Bremen, Imtech is implementing the entire technical infrastructure for an extension of a production line with customized technical infrastructure solutions - including detailed engineering - for tailor made use of electricity, heat, cold, special gases and other specific technical features. At Daimler in Harburg Imtech is involved in a technical upgrading. For Audi in Ingolstadt Imtech will carry out the entire technical infrastructure in a new body shop hall. Commissioned by Volkswagen in Slovakia Imtech will implement a high-tech cooling tower. For truck manufacturer MAN an innovative turbine test facility will be realized. For Daimler Imtech is technology partner for several of test facilities in the Far East. All Imtech solutions are designed with the aim to severely reduce the energy needed for producing or testing the cars and trucks.

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