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Optimization improves energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in wastewater treatment 

Metso now offers the world's first advanced solution - both measurements and control system - to optimize sludge dewatering at wastewater treatment plants. Metso SDO (Sludge Dewatering Optimizer) enables wastewater plant operators to operate dewatering equipment with accurate and efficient continuous optimization. Through optimization with Metso SDO, they can improve sludge dewatering performance by up to 50%, reduce chemicals consumption significantly and reach the best possible efficiency. 

A higher solids content of concentrated sludge results in higher thermal energy in the subsequent incineration process, or alternatively reduces transportation costs when shipping to a landfill, resulting in improved energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Automating the dewatering process also reduces laboratory sampling, produces 24/7 real-time data and decreases the continuous need to monitor the process. 

Metso SDO is especially suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes, for example in the pulp, paper and chemical industries, to optimize sludge dewatering. 

Technical information 

A unique feature of Metso SDO is the control, which utilizes Metso measurements and optimizes the sludge dewatering unit performance. An advanced control application is essential for optimization since sludge dewatering unit control is a non-linear process system. 

"With the unique advanced Metso SDO technology, it is possible to achieve the best performance in an existing sludge dewatering process," says Heli Karaila, Product Manager, Measurements, Automation, Metso. "Through optimization, wastewater treatment plants are able to improve sludge dewatering unit performance by up to 50% and reduce the consumption of chemicals used in dewatering by 50%." 

The new solution complements Metso's product offering for sludge dewatering that already includes Metso Total Solids Transmitter (Metso TS) for measuring feed solids and dry cake percent solids, and Metso Low Solids Measurement (Metso LS) for centrate suspended solids measurement. Metso is the market leader in microwave solids technology measurements used in treatment processes. The new solution further strengthens the company's position as an expert in wastewater treatment. 

Metso SDO can be integrated into most automation systems via the Metso DNA automation system. It can be installed on one sludge dewatering unit or an entire sludge dewatering unit installation. The optimizing solution is modular and can be used either with Metso Low Solids Measurement (Metso LS), which is based on LED and laser technology, or Metso Total Solids Transmitter (Metso TS), which is based on microwave technology.

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