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The company is a part of the Slovak holding Grafobal Group, which has more than 110-year history in the world market of packaging and printing services and is one of the leaders in the printing market in Central and Eastern Europe.

  The holding enterprises are located in Slovakia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Company History
LLC Grafobal – Don traces its history in Russia from January 25, 2005, when the company officially opened in Rostov-on-Don. Grafobal - Don is subsidiary company of Grafobal a.s. Skalica Slovakia, which is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging made of smooth and corrugated cardboard in Central and Eastern Europe. For the first time, the company Grafobal a.s. Skalica entered the Russian market in 1993. In March 2004, it was decided to open production in Russia and the construction of the enterprise started. On January 25, 2005 the opening of Grafobal - Don took place in Rostov-on-Don. In 2005, for maintenance of the production process 2- printing 4- and 6-color presses and 2 die-cutting presses, and 5 units of auxiliary equipment were set. Russian specialists have successfully completed training, acquired professional skills of work with the equipment and at present time, they operate independently in all areas of production activities. In 2006 the company was rated as meeting the requirements of international quality standards and is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management and has received the international quality certificate. The entire production process is certified, beginning with the order acceptance to shipping the end product to the customer. Over the past period, the company Grafobal-Don significantly increased production and storage capacities. In 2016 the company Grafobal-Don has acquired a neighboring manufacturing enterprise, which allowed a 40% increase in the number of production and warehouse spaces. In the first year of activity 5,000 tons of cardboard were spent for the production of cardboard packaging. In 2009, the production volume had made 11 000 tons of cardboard. Currently, the annual cardboard consumption has increased to 14 000 tons.

Main Products
The main activity of the company is preparation of printing, printing itself, production of packaging from cardboard, printing products and labels. The product range of the company is very diverse. It includes printing of cigarette packs, boxes for household chemicals, for food, and others. Boxes can be classic square, cone-shaped, polyhedra - in general, for every taste.

Thanks to our partner, the official Kodak distributor in Russia, the NCL, the pre-printing site operates smoothly. We receive timely all consumables, service and are always aware of the latest developments helping to make the prepress process even more efficient, and the quality of the products is even higher and more stable. Offset multicolor printing, with the use of up to do 8 colors with simultaneous coverage with 2 types of varnish, creating a bright colorful image. The company works with 5-6 colorful sheet-fed offset presses as MAN ROLAND and 8 color hybrid sheet-fed offset presses as KBA RAPIDA with an additional section of UV varnishing and UV printing. UV varnishing, providing the package with additional decorative properties, allowing to make the usual packaging visually more expensive, brighter, more luxurious. TWIN varnishing, combination of matte and glossy UV-varnish, allowing the creation of a beautiful decorative effect of “shagreen”, or sand effect with the allocation of a part of the image with “gloss” on the package. Using the UV varnishing line Hibis produced by Steinemann, the company can carry out UV varnish coating both solid and selective. Glossy or matte UV varnish is also possible. Die-cutting, folding, perforating process, forming of blank of the future product from sheet cardboard, which allows to collect, fold and glue the finished package afterwards, including complex geometric non-standard forms out of it. Embossing and debossing, allowing to make the image textured, embossed, which is undoubtedly an excellent way to distinguish packaging on a general background. The use of these technologies is possible through modern equipment combined with considerable experience in the production of high-tech packaging. Grafobal-Don possess all of these, as well as many other qualities: die-cutting, forming of folding lines and perforations, embossing and debossing are performed by automatic machines Bobst Sprintera and Spantera, which allow to produce the embossing, the formation of folding lines and perforation, and also die-cutting of packages of complex shapes in one pass. Hot-foil image printing with foil by means of pressure and heating with a variety of kinds and colors, which is rightfully considered one of the brightest ways of finishing printing products. Foil stamping is performed on automatic lines SBL-1050, which allow foil stamping both separately and together with embossing, micro-embossing. Gluing and folding of boxes is performed with gluing line VEGA allowing to produce up to 6 gluing points. At the moment, these are the most suitable suppliers for the projects of company’s customers.

Strategic Potencial
The products of Grafobal received several important awards at international competitions, including the most prestigious of them - the WorldStar Award for Packaging - for the best packaging in the world. For more than 10 years of existence in the Russian market, the company Grafobal - Don has become one of the leaders in the packaging printing in the South of Russia. A recipe for success of the enterprise lies in the hi-tech equipment, quality of the materials used and the European approach to work. The level of manufactured goods and the reliability of the manufacturer was highly rated by well-known major companies in the region, which have become our regular customers. Annual investments into the technological development strengthen our position in the market, allowing increased the output, expanding the range and increasing the number of jobs. Attention to customers, smoothly running operation mechanism, competent investments - all help to improve performance and strengthen the leading position of LLC Grafobal-Don in the packaging market of the South of Russia in the manufacturing sector for medium and large customers.

High Quality
High international standards are an important landmark in the company’s activities. One of the important principles of the company is the application of environmentally friendly technologies and raw materials. As a result, long-term contracts are concluded with major international suppliers who strictly monitor the quality of manufactured and supplied material. The company is certified according to quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management system ISO 14001:2015 and management system in the field of occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001:2007. The company strictly enforces all basic ultimate norms of safety and occupational health of its employees.

Mission and Vision
The main mission of Grafobal-Don is that using modern technological equipment and considerable experience in manufacturing high-tech packaging, the company provides fast production of products according to European quality standards and at competitive prices. Grafobal-Don has established itself as a reliable supplier and gives partners the most convenient terms of cooperation. And the main value is a sensitive attitude to employees, customers, and suppliers - from all this the reputation of the company is formed. LLC Grafobal-Don adheres to the principles of social corporate responsibility. The company continuously assists the Specialized orphanage № 3 by transfers cash donations. The company’s employees have the opportunity to get spa-resort therapy paid for by the company. The company financially encourages employees’ children - pupils, showing excellent performance. Grafobal-Don gradually increases storage capacity and periodically upgrades the equipment. The employees of the company regularly go to seminars, pass courses of improvement of professional skills and visit various exhibitions - after all the market does not stand still, and for the harmonious and professional work it is necessary to be aware of everything new that occurs in the world of printing services. As for the expansion of the geography of sales and the product line the company is focused on the south of Russia due to both logistics and the fact that a sufficient number of large and medium-sized enterprises interested in the company’s products are concentrated in the south. But it is possible that in the future the company can expand the geography of sales to other regions of Russia and other countries.

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