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Delta Wilmar CIS operates in the food industry and produces the oil-and-fat products and ingredients for manufacturers of the bakery, confectionery and dairy products.

The company includes two plants: one for processing of tropical oils and another for processing of oilseeds, as well as a complex for vegetable oils transshipment in Yuzhny port. Delta Wilmar CIS cooperates with reliable partners all over Ukraine and is one of the largest exporters to Europe.

Based on interview with Valentina Zmienko – marketolog of „Delta Wilmar CIS”

Latest turning points
An important stage in the development of Delta Wilmar CIS was entering the European market. The company became the first who decided to produce a line of margarines without trans-isomers of fatty acids, preservatives and antioxidants. The incentive for creating these products was the demand of European buyers who carefully monitor the quality and safety of consumed products. Delta Wilmar CIS also had to revise the organizational structure to optimize and improve the process. As a result, over the past 2 years, sales of fats for the food industry have grown, and now the company plans to expand production capacity to cover all consumers of the market. The company’s product received positive reviews abroad, and also new line of margarines was appreciated by Ukrainian manufacturers, due to which Ukrainians consume a product of European quality.

Manufacturing process and main
products of the company
Most popular confectionery fats without trans-isomers and milk fat replacer for cheese product and spreads are in great demand on the market. In order to improve production technologies and improve the quality of products, Delta Wilmar CIS implements an extensive program of scientific research and technological development on the basis of own research and production laboratory. The main task of the company is the introduction of innovations in the production, expansion and renewal of the assortment of margarines and fats. The Delta Wilmar group of companies, together with its partner companies, constitute a vertically integrated production system – from raw materials processing to finished products marketing. Each process of the supply chain is carefully controlled, which allows achieving maximum quality at every stage of a product life cycle. Company’s philosophy of quality is that the maximum result can be achieved only through absolute control over the entire chain of the processes, ensuring a product output. Delta Wilmar applies full responsibility to each production stage – from plantations to grinding companies, from logistics and processing to delivering goods to the end user, which further transforms into the ultrahigh quality products and services. Since 2006, the Delta Wilmar group of companies has clearly defined the objectives of its activities: a wide range of ingredients for the food industry, high quality products and individual approach to each customer.

Strategic potential
First and foremost, the company’s strategic potential is staff. Delta Wilmar employs more than 600 employees. The enterprise pays much attention to the development of personnel, both basic and young specialists. The level of professionalism of the organization management is a key competitive advantage in the market, therefore Delta Wilmar regularly conducts trainings for top managers and employees who are ready to fulfill the tasks of strategic development of the company. As for the development of young specialists, the Delta Wilmar annually conducts a program to recruit interns. The main objective of the program is the formation of a pool of young prospective professionals with leadership potential who, from the very beginning of their work, will learn how to work in different sectors, master the full cycle of knowledge, work in accordance with the requirements of corporate policies and procedures, and easily adopt a corporate culture.

Way to success and customer trust
The management of the company is confident that it is possible to achieve such great success and gain customer trust only by stable quality and constant improvement. At the request of customers, Delta Wilmar develops recipes for their needs. Own research laboratory and experience center provide an individual approach. Company’s technologists come to the client in person to follow the process and, if it is necessary, to refine the formulations. Delta Wilmar contributes to the achievement of excellent taste in confectionery and bakery products, because the taste depends much on the fat content of baked goods. Every year the company organizes international conferences for customers, where specialists tell about the novelties in the factory and on the fat and oil market in general, conduct information tours around the plants and organize masterclasses for making sweets with own margarine.

Financial results
Delta Wilmar CIS is one of the leading investors in Ukraine and exporters of vegetable oils. Today, measures are being taken to implement the next investment project for $ 150 million. Delta Wilmar CIS is an integral part of the international agro-industrial corporation Wilmar International LTD Singapore, with a total capitalization of more than $ 22 billion. Since 2004, the company Delta Wilmar CIS has successfully invested in the creation of its own production in Ukraine more than $ 250 million, the average monthly wage is one of the largest in the Odessa region and is more than 18,000 hryvnia.

High quality guarantee
The production process ensures the product sustained quality and safety, while up-to-date measuring and laboratory equipment provides for efficient monitoring of physicochemical and safety indicators at every stage of manufacture. The quality and safety of products manufactured by Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd. is confirmed by the quality documents, certificates of compliance with the regulatory documents’ requirements and is annually awarded with prizes and diplomas. The company qualifies and complies with the requirements set by: ISO 22000:2005; ISO 9001:2015 FSSC 22000:2013; ecology certificate ISO 14024:2002, GMP+B1; RSPO SCCS; Islamic Law (Halal); Jewish dietary laws (Kosher). Ecologically friendly production with the introduction of advanced methods and technologies allows Delta Wilmar CIS to receive high quality products that comply with all environmental regulations. Thanks to a loyal, client-oriented policy in the in sales and product promotion, Delta Wilmar CIS takes pride of place among the leading enterprises of fat-and-oil industry. All technological processes are carried out on the equipment that ensures optimal production and processing modes and provides high quality products. The company develops owing to: introduction of modern developments into production; desire to improve the process technologies at the plants; constant drive to expand the range and market share of the company; introduction of global quality standards, concern for the customers and their business, and highly qualified personnel.

Latest achievements and further growth
In 2016 a new production line was installed and set in operation. Successful completion of this project allowed increasing the production volumes by 4000 tons monthly. In 2017 a new pilot plant intended for testing new ingredients, improving the process parameters was started up for making a new product as per the customer’s requirements. With the help of the pilot plant it is possible to make a high-quality product at a small-tonnage plant and test it at the customer’s plant before commencing production on an industrial scale. More than 30% of the company’s products are exported. Among the permanent sales markets can be identified such countries as Moldova, Romania, Poland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Latvia. At the moment, the company is targeting the Asian market and expanding the range to Europe. Delta Wilmar CIS focuses on process of continuous improvement of service quality and expanding a product line. The company sets itself new ambitious goals through continuous improvement and holds a leading position in the export of sunflower oil and margarines, as well as the import of palm oil. Delta Wilmar CIS employs more than 600 employees, which the company is very proud of and emphasizes that a service of the highest quality is impossible without the best team on the market. Delta Wilmar CIS is developing a new product line and is confident that customers will be pleasantly surprised by innovative developments by the end of 2018. 



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