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Bayadera Group unites the core assets in the alcohol industry, including distribution companies and its own production of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine and Belarus, wine, vermouth and cognac.

The company is also the exclusive importer of the world’s most famous alcohol brands in Ukraine. The export map of Bayadera Group counts more than 40 countries. The main trademarks: TM Hlebnyi Dar, TM Kozatska Rada, TM First Guild, TM Perepelka, TM Celsius, TM Vozduh, TM Rada, TM Koblevo, TM Marengo.

History of the Company
Bayadera Group was founded in 1991. During 1992-2002, the company built the largest distribution system and implemented an effective implementation of popular Ukrainian and foreign attracted brands. In addition, it opened 6 branches in strategically important regions of Ukraine. 2002 was a fateful year for the company. It brought a consolidation of the status of the strongest player in the distribution of Ukraine and the decision to launch production of its own brands. 2003 is considered to be the year, when the company became the leader. In that year, the strongest vodka brand Hlebnyi Dar was created, which is still the company’s trademark. It is based on all the values inherent in the company - honesty, tradition and justice. In the same year, the Koblevo line of wine was redesigned and updated with new flavors. Between 2003 and 2005 Bayadera Group expanded the range with its own brands Kozatska Rada and First Guild, and created the TM Celsius. There was also a modernization of the winery Koblevo, its large-scale increase in capacity, installation of the latest equipment of world leading companies. The company also launched the most modern enterprise for the production of alcoholic beverages National Vodka Company and began developing the import direction, signing a contract with the world leader of alcohol the Diageo Company. 2006-2009 brought many leadership achievements. Bayader Group became the leader in all categories of alcoholic beverages: vodka, wine, vermouth. Hlebnyi Dar became vodka No. 3 in the world according to the international rating of the Drinks International publication, Marengo became vermouth No. 1 in Ukraine and KOBLEVO - wine No. 1 in Ukraine. The company strengthens the directions for imports (contracts with world leaders in the production of alcohol) and develops the export direction (the export map counts more than 20 countries of the world). 2010-2014 brought steady growth and retention of leadership in all alcohol categories, development, modernization and automation of distribution in Ukraine. There was an expansion of the export map to 35 countries and the conclusion of contracts with the largest import partners: Remy Cointreau, Moet Hennessy. In 2015-2016 Bayadera Group launches new production lines, new wine lines and new brands. It was a time for the globalization and international recognition of the company.

Strategic potential
Bayadera Group brings together core assets in the alcohol industry, these are distribution companies and 3 own production locations. It has a strong portfolio of own domestic alcohol brands in various categories, and is the exclusive importer of world famous alcoholic companies.The company is one of the main exporters of alcoholic beverages in the world. It exports to more than 45 countries. Bayadera Group is the major employer of its sector, more than 6 thousand people work in the company worldwide. It has the most widespread distribution network in Ukraine - 30 branches across the country. And it is the main taxpayer and major budget revenue generating enterprise in the industry. People are considered to be №1 priority in Bayadere Group. Fair relations in the team, the maximum assistance to each other and mutual assistance are very important to the company. Bayadera Group has a strong portfolio of own domestic and imported brands, which has been formed in consideration of consumer’s preferences and regional characteristics in all categories of alcoholic beverages. Under its model the company means a global development and a formation of a transcontinental company with the most effective representation in each region.Brand portfolio of Bayadera Group consists of successful global brands and national brands-leaders, as well as a wide range of world-renowned brands which they distribute.

Production capacity
National Vodka Company is the leader of the alcohol industry in Ukraine and is among the top 5 producers of vodka in the world. Modern high-tech plant was built in 2005 in the Cherkassy region, where the largest reserves of fresh and mineral water in Ukraine are concentrated. The technologists created more than 100 author’s recipes for alcoholic beverages and the plant itself owns 18 unique patents. The plant’s capacity allows producing more than 150 million bottles a year. The factory is equipped with the most advanced facilities of global leaders based in Italy and France: Ital Project, Accadueo Impianti DeLonghi, Sigma, CLIMAVENETA, Imaje Light Jet Vetro and others. Using more than 40 kinds of natural ingredients (honey, lime, mint, chamomile, rusks, cinnamon, ginseng, dried fruits, berries) allows to create unique own aromatic alcohols, which give the vodka unique flavors and aromas. Company’s own laboratory is equipped with the latest technology, which allows to monitor the quality of products at all stages of production. The enterprise has international certificates of quality for alcoholic beverages ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005. NVK is a budget-forming enterprise in the Cherkassy region, which provides jobs for about 600 people. The company has 187 national and international prestigious awards: 46 diplomas 114 gold, silver and bronze medals and 12 top awards - quality stars, as well as 15 Grand Prix in degustation competitions around the world.

Latest achievements and further growth
2015 brought the globalization of the company. Bayadera Group confirmed its status of the largest alcohol holding in Eastern Europe. The company launched a new enterprise Nikolaev Brandy Factory, started production of brandy KOBLEVO and launched a new direction - champagne under TM Marengo. In addition, Bayadera Group launched an exclusive line of wines KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE and started the production of its own imported wines: TM Cartaval from Chile and TM Kengoo from Australia. In the same year the company began the production of a Private label of rum and gin. 2016 was the year of the world recognition of the company. It launched an exclusive brandy KOBLEVO Reserve with the addition of vintage cognac spirits, aged 6-7 years in oak barrels. KOBLEVO wines were presented at the international wine forum in Italy VinItaly-2016 and received high praise from the professional jury. At the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016 in the USA, TM Hlebnyi Dar received the status of one of the best vodkas in the world, having received 92 points out of 100. The company launched a new brand - the light vodka Vozduh. Holding Bayadera Group bought out the trade mark Frenchman and launched bottling of high-quality brandy. Also, the Private label tequila was launched. Bayadera Group sees its success, above all, in others, highly appreciating the professional quality, dedication and integrity of the company. The company recognizes the true experts in their fields, hiring only top-class professionals, who continue to grow and learn in a company. Bayadera has invested a lot of effort to create a truly high-quality products at a fair price and proud confidence that exists in the market for the brands. Globality is one of the main values for the company. Bayadera Group build ambitious plans for the globalization of its business and do their best to attend the 5 continents with its products.

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