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d’aucy Polska Sp. z o. o. (LLC) combines Globus Polska’s vast experience in convenience foods processing with the secret recipes protected by the CECAB French corporate group.

If you can’t spare the time for cooking and still want to enjoy a healthy diet, consider buying a ready supply of d’aucy fruits and vegs grown in spotless and fertile areas all over Europe. Out of a frying pan or a steam cooker and straight onto your table, in this way you will get a meal which is delicious, rich in vitamins and pleasing to the eye.

Written by Bartosz Sowiński

Rise to the Top
The inception of what is now known as d’aucy Polska dates back to 1992. Since the very beginning this newly set up business has been bound to draw attention of the frozen foods industry leaders. This interest was not aroused in a flash, however. The company had to work hard for it. Between 1995 and 2008, they offered their products under the Felco brand name. The crowning achievement of that period was a close alliance with Globus Konzervipari Zrt. cemented in 2003. In those years, the enterprise rose up to the challenges of global competition and soon achieved the status of a reliable and trustworthy business partner, especially in B2B relations with intermediaries, suppliers and retailers. The turning point in their history came in 2008, when the company decided to launch d’aucy brand on the Polish market. However, the transition process for the company got underway in 2006 already, when Globus Polska mingled with CECAB Group. At the beginning of 2009 Felco started rebranding into d’aucy and hence the business became d’aucy Polska Sp. z o.o. Soon afterwards at the turn of February and March they introduced a new category of products under d’aucy brand – canned vegetables. The company carried it off smoothly; the existing clients recognised the new brand, the new clients immediately followed in their footsteps.

International Network
This rough outline of the company’s history is enough already to prove that d’aucy Polska Sp. z o.o. shows potential not to be sneezed at. The business boasts 4 state-of-the-art frozen fruits and vegs processing plants in Lipno, Dąbrowa Chełmińska, Ełk and Adamów. The foods produced there are bound to be of topmost quality further attested by ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and BRC certificates. d’aucy Polska Sp. z o. o. (LLC) combines Globus Polska’s vast experience in convenience foods processing with the secret recipes protected by the d’aucy mother company, the CECAB French corporate group, which has developed from a farming cooperative and governed the French market of canned vegs for nearly 50 years now. Their rapid growth has made it possible to launch new production lines all over Europe and to establish the d’aucy brand in 17 countries. This creates favourable conditions for synergy effect as the structure of such a range facilitates the process of sharing knowledge and experience in terms of production, distribution and marketing. A part of international network, the Polish d’aucy branch can draw upon vast resources, including fruits and vegs from the locations where vegetative reproduction is more abundant than in Poland. These resources are examined accordingly, which guarantees prospective crops large in volume and high in quality. It should be also mentioned that the Polish branch may also count on the capital of the CECAB mother company. Such assets prove particularly crucial when prosperity comes to an end and you have to fight hard to keep your head above water. The recent economic downturn has taken many businesses to task and they had to struggle not to go under. CECAB Group has emerged relatively unscathed from the crisis, however.

Tasty, Healthy and Convenient
How have they managed to steer away from the economic trouble that so many enterprises were not able to avoid? Simple as that: people have not given up buying d’aucy vegs and fruits as they can be sure that these products are not only natural, healthy and delicious, but also easy to prepare. The guys from CECAB Group know that if you want to build a vibrant, innovative and consumer-friendly business, you do not have to spend vast amount of money on advertising. It will do if you work properly instead. For this reason, the d’aucy logo has earned recognition as a provider of wholesome, nutritious and natural food. The Polish branch specialises in commercializing frozen fruits and vegs and canned vegs. These two fields of activity remain equally important, but each of these requires different approach. Why is that? Well, each of these two markets has its own specific features and the company itself has reached different stages of development on each of them. As the sales of canned vegs started a year ago, the Polish branch now focuses on strengthening its bonds with new business partners. The channels of distribution thus launched will soon make it easier to reach individual consumers who obviously make a final target for the company. This plan is further supported by various marketing campaigns at retail and wholesale outlets alike. Hence customers have an opportunity to taste products from 4 separate ranges: classic (e.g. canned peas, corn), exquisite taste (e.g. salads: Macedonian or Mexican), French flavours (various compositions of the extra fine string beans) and KIDS. Nonetheless, the d’aucy logo has gained in popularity on the strength of their comprehensive offer of frozen fruits and vegs. This offer falls into several categories. First of all, let us examine the buyers’ favourite choice. No wonder that we will start with a standard range of goods which comprises mono vegetables, mono fruits, salad, soup and stir-fry vegetables. Secondly, innovative solutions; these have rendered it possible for d’aucy to beat their competitors to the punch. They include two types of products: fit mix and heat&eat. The fit mix vegs are the first on the market to have met the demand for steam cooking vegetable compositions. They make a perfect choice for people determined to lead a healthy lifestyle and who take pains to prepare meals rich in vitamins and micronutrients. Last but not least, the brand new product and all the rage already, that is the heat&eat vegetables. Cooked before frozen, their preparation requires neither time nor effort. These vegs taste perfectly regardless whether served cold or warm. You can also use them as basic ingredients for salads and as appetisers dished out with main courses.

The daucyculture
d’aucy has already become a top brand on the French market of convenience foods. The Polish branch in turn has set an objective for themselves to catch up with their mother company one day. At the present time they implement “daucyculture”, which means they take great care over the superiority of their products. How do they put this into practice? Market research conducted over the recent years clearly indicates that, when buying food, Polish consumers expect it will be: excellent in taste and quality, wholesome and nutritious, easy to prepare and have convenient packaging. Thus, the d’aucy offer has been developed with the aim of fulfilling all these conditions and requirements. All the ingredients in the compositions mentioned in the previous section, be it standard (salad, soup and stir-fry vegs) or innovative (fit mix and hit&eat), have been matched so as to satisfy the most choosy gourmets. These recipes have been also prepared with a view to the clients who strive to create a balanced, nourishing and healthy diet. Individual customers can recognise d’aucy products by their colourful, eye-catching packages, which are also convenient to handle. You can easily identify each product range thanks to their relevant and comprehensible graphic design. Nevertheless, the company’s planners came up with yet another customer-oriented feature. You can open each package easily as it is perforated on the side. Once you open it you get a guarantee that its content is truly exceptional. At d’aucy no decisions are taken at random and the way they select vegs and fruits proves the case in point here. The vast majority of the vegetables processed by their plants grows in the fields which either belong to CECAB Group or is under control of their quality inspectors.

Passion for Excellence
The company’s passion for excellence has resulted in relevant credentials. Since 2003 all the Polish d’aucy plants have received ISO 9001:2000 certificates and since 2009 their new release ISO 9001:2008, both issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation. These documents testify to the quality being reproducible there. This means that the clients who place their trust in the brand have a guarantee that whenever they reach for the company’s products they will get exactly the same item as the one they took a liking to in the past. This concerns not only the d’aucy brand but also their b2b partners who appreciate the quality of d’aucy products and choose d’aucy Polska as a reliable supplier. Since 2003 all the Polish d’aucy plants have obtained the HACCP certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which provides firm proof that potential dangers such as pesticides, foreign bodies or microbiological threats are being regularly analysed, eliminated or reduced to minimum. D’aucy plants in Poland have been also granted the BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium Global Standard-Food) which confirms that the foods turned out there fulfil the exacting safety requirements of supermarket chains.

Partners Home and Abroad
Last but not least, a few words on the partners of d’aucy Polska Sp. z o.o. A part of the international CECAB network, the company operates in liaison with many foreign consignees, especially in the Baltic countries and in Belarus. The company enjoys a strong brand image. A reliable and trustworthy business partner, they not only fulfil the contracts they sign but also seek for win-win solutions which are to the mutual benefit of the parties entering the agreement. The d’aucy brand holds to the worker-oriented employment policy. In other words, the d’aucy staff is treated as yet another partner. The Polish personnel make a figure of around 300 people at the present time. The backbone of it comprises people with necessary expertise. Nevertheless, innovative and skilful jobseekers are always welcome to join this team. Such blend of experience and initiative proves indispensable for the process of continual improvement. All the money invested heavily in the company would be squandered if it was not for the people who have the know-how to use new technologies to the fullest. As the market is at the stage of fierce competition these days, such a partner proves a real asset. 

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