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Total comfort – this particular slogan has made the Fluchos brand win the European and global markets. Such tremendous success has been brought about for a reason, that is, because of the unique combination of tradition and creativity.

Place your trust in this logo and you will get hand-stitched quality footwear in return. For women, the company offers classic salon shoes and buckled, laced or buttoned boots. For men, there are two distinct styles: a formal Oxford line and a casual range with decorative seams.

Finest Roots

To find the key to the Fluchos worldwide recognition, you have to trace their history back to the very beginning. Then, in 1962 in Arnedo, La Rioja province, Spain, a footwear business was set up. Whilst it took some time to achieve success, the position that the company enjoys nowadays has been attained thanks to three distinct factors: tradition, family and creativity. The craft of shoemaking had been thriving in Arnedo since time immemorial and, therefore, it made a perfect location for a novice in the business. This allowed the company to learn the secrets of the trade as well as adhere to its established etiquette. For this reason, since the very inception Fluchos has been using reliable technologies and the best raw-materials. The profile of the newly launched activity could not have been better either. It is common knowledge that only those who make a name for themselves will also make a good name for the brand. Hence Fluchos operates under a family logo. Moreover, the company’s history stands out as a proof that family tradition and trusted designs are best preserved if continuously modernised and improved. A review of the initiatives taken so far will certainly provide a case in point for this policy.

Innovative Policy

The first improvement took place in 1970, when the basic offer of hand-stitched quality men’s shoes was complemented with more specific shoes such as: sailor pumps for the summer, moccasins and boots for the autumn and winter. Not until the 90s did the real innovations come. From then on the new solutions followed one after the other. In 1994 the modern line of the Fluchos flagship hand-stitched shoes entered the market and immediately attracted clientele with their innovative water-resistant and humidity-proof leather. The actual revolution came 4 years later. With a view to the best feet insulation the brand developed the SOLGRIP sole. Its main advantages include excellent adherence to wet surfaces, resistance to hydrolysis and scratching as well flexibility at low temperatures. In the 21st century, the innovative solutions started developing in leaps and bounds. In 2001, the Antistatic line was released on the market. The soles and insoles of these shoes incorporated materials that discharged the static electricity generated while walking. In 2004, the company launched the Perspiration Expulsion System; and a year later they developed the super steady Multiple Expansion sole. In the course of last 2 years the business has come up with the landmark OutDry water-proof solution. These shoes feature a special patented membrane based on the direct bonding of the footwear upper part and thus sealing critical points and preventing water from leaking through them. The membrane is breathable, however, and it allows perspiration and steam to escape. The OutDry technology has been further extended by the integrated FLC (Flexibility, Lightness and Comfort) together with the OXYGEN, ShowStep and CoolMax solutions.

Reap the Rewards

It goes without saying that Arnedo soon turned out to be too small for the rapidly growing brand. The business first expanded onto the Spanish output market, then on the whole of Europe and next they managed to make their presence felt in Asia. The future of the business is secured by the think tank of experts who take care over production and marketing strategies. It should be added that there is a lot of to be taken care of. Currently, the brand may boast two spacious factories, each taking up a space of approximately 5000 sqm. Although the second one began operating in 2006, it has already improved the customer service and boosted export potential. This as well as the workforce and production output increase has happened thanks to the cutting edge technologies put to use. A few facts and figures will provide far more clearer evidence. At the moment, the Fluchos staff is made up of around 200 workers who turn out goods marketed in 30 countries, the most of all in the European Union markets such as France, England, Germany and Portugal. Other countries where Fluchos manufactures are in demand include: Russia, Poland, Israel, China, Mexico, Japan or Canada. All these products are available in thousands of specialist footwear outlets and prestige department stores. The business attaches the utmost importance to their retail distributors thus providing them with shop window displays, shoe display stands and printed publicity materials. All these prove an asset in stiff competition for the contemporary picky and well-informed customer. No one buys a pig in a poke any more. Hence the advertising campaign aims at those who have not made their minds yet. Relevant information being passed on to the prospective buyer will let them spend money thoughtfully and without unnecessary regret.

Craftsmen to Rely on

What are the principles that people at Fluchos hold to? First of all, raw-materials used for production must be top-notch quality. These guys are perfectly aware of the fact that their target stylish customers put a high value on top of the range hides. Cured according to tradition and ecology, this shiny and clean leather catches the eye with a wealth of chromatic nuances. The rubber used in the soles also stands out as being 100% natural. With a view to the wearer’s comfort, the natural leather lining together with the flexible insole wrap the foot and cushion it against shock and tension. Secondly, the footwear there is processed in compliance with rigorous quality standards. Decent craftsmen are perfectly aware of the fact that the shoes’ perfect finish takes time. The Fluchos management hold to these basic truths too. In so doing, they go against the grain of popular belief in capitalist efficiency and they have no intention of lowering their standards. There is no use turning out inferior goods which no one wants to buy. For this matter, you will not find substandard footwear in their offer and only hand-stitched prime quality leather shoes. The manufacturing process is seen to by experienced craftsmen who combine the relevant know-how and passion. Thirdly, Fluchos shoes must be durable. In order to achieve this they undergo comprehensive laboratory tests. This policy resulted in an innovative type of sole which allows for lightness and comfort, and is hard-wearing and scuff resistant, too. The solution came by using compact rubber for the outer sole and supple rubber for the inside. Fourthly, under no circumstances may the production affect the environment. That is why the company phased out solvent-based glues and dyes and supplanted them with their water-based counterparts. This means that at Fluchos factories volatile organic compounds are no longer released into the atmosphere where they cause the greenhouse effect and damage the ozone layer. The shoes there are made with only top quality, natural hides virtually free of chrome. The other innovations include: the minimum energy consumption, the reduction of contaminating waste and packages made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Imagination in Use

Now we should pass on to a rough review of the technologies that the Fluchos brand is best known for. The Oxygen sole makes it possible for the air to circulate and keeps the temperature steady inside the shoe. The Show Step means warranted healthy footwear as it reduces tension in feet and keeps the spine in a correct central position. This has been carried off thanks to latex insoles covered with a Cool Max thread lining, which in turn facilitates the evacuation of moisture from the feet. The integrated FLC (Flexibility, Lightness and Comfort) system has brought about shoes which are light and comfortable. Their lightness stems from the fact that their sole has been made with rubber of varying density. Their comfort is thanks to an interior lined with natural and soft leather. The OutDry technology has resulted in shoes insulated with a water-proof and transirable membrane. The perspiration expulsion system prevents excessive perspiration even at high temperatures. The Shock Absorber solution cushions the foot perfectly. In order to do this it gathers energy which is produced when the shoe’s surface rubs the ground as you walk. With Traction Fluchos your foot will adapt to the position of your legs and the condition of the ground you are walking on. This means that you no longer take any risk of falling down while treading on slippery or steep ground. The Fluchos Air System gives maximum comfort to your feet thanks to the combination of the air cells system with the insole which spreads the pressure during each step and relaxes the pressure points on your feet. The Fluchos antistatic line is manufactured with materials which discharge static electricity. The Air comfort system offers you the sole which contains the Hevea Brasiliensis latex whose particles measure up to 22 microns in diameter. Owing to an increase in elasticity, this material makes cushioning more effective than before and, thus, enables you take long and comfortable walks. The NOP line (New Only Professsional) gives a guarantee that you will be well protected against any hazard while at work. These shoes have been made with titanium cured chrome-free leather, which is antiallergic and biodegradable. This type of leather enables your foot to breathe and repels water and oils. The sole of the NOP shoes has been fitted with non-slip modules, which now allow for their high grip and resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damage.  

Written by Bartosz Sowiński




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