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The Russian company Detalstroikonstruktsia (DSK) is a participant of a large Cluster of the Automotive Industry of the Samara Region. The manufacturer of auto components with a quarter century history, DSK built its production system on strict compliance with international quality and environmental standards.

This gives an opportunity to cooperate with the world’s leading brands and significantly increase the level of competitiveness of the national Russian automotive industry. Auto components of DSK largely form the comfort and environmental safety of cars.

The goal of DSK is customer success
One of the important expectations of the car user is the high acoustic comfort and aesthetic properties of the interior. The key business of DSK is the production of important elements of noise insulation and interior details. This includes details with a heavy polymer layer of complex shape that separates the interior from noise, vibrations and temperature of the engine compartment, and noise-absorbing details of the interior. In particular, such components are used in the Russian model of LADA Vesta, which is included in the TOP-3 domestic market. Consumers and experts of the auto business highly appreciated the level of vibro-acoustic isolation of this model and in there is a significant contribution from DSK in this success. Alexander Zaitsev, General Director of DSK, emphasizes, that the success of partners is one of the priorities of the company, and one of the conditions on which the long-term development strategy of the company is based. Due to the specificity of the auto-component production, the life cycle of the final product is quite long, and the preparation of production begins a few years before the new car goes on sale. Therefore, only long-term relationships with the customer based on high quality and attention to every aspect of production and to each customer’s requirement are beneficial. Another important condition for DSK’s work is the uninterrupted delivery to customers. Automobile production is strictly synchronized: for example, the pace of the car factory in Togliatti is such that every 20-25 seconds the finished car comes off the conveyor. In such conditions, every minute of delay can cost very much. Therefore, the rhythm of supply is one of the most important aspects of the DSK, along with high quality and constant development.

International recognition
DSK strengthens strategic cooperation with the leading enterprise of the Russian automotive industry AVTOVAZ and constantly expandsits range of partners. The company is a supplier of automotive components for Renault, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai and Chevrolet, which are among the leading brands of the Russian market. Recognition at the international level is a special award and a strong incentive for quality effective work for the company. DSKs were the first in Russia to receive the status of an excellent Q1 supplier from Ford in 2006 and launched the technology of manufacturing plastic fuel tanks, which later became the basis for creating a successful joint venture.The automotive market in Russia largely consists of local assembly machines: TOP-10 leaders in sales are made in the cities of Russia, such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vsevolozhsk, Togliatti or Izhevsk. The goal of DSK is the leadership status among Russian suppliers for the world auto assembly plants.Developing an international partnership, DSK is implementing joint production projects: two joint ventures have been established on the territory of the company. One of them is LLC DESKA- a joint venture with the French group DEFTA and another one is LLC DIPO - a joint venture with the world leader in the production of automotive components Plastic Omnium. DIPO is the leader in Russia in the production of plastic fuel systems for cars complying with the Euro-4 and Euro-5 environmental standards. The company started manufacturing the products, which should meet “Euro” eco-standards back in 2003, when the program for development technology of production of fuel system parts in accordance with the requirements of Euro-3 standards was introduced.

Only careful compliance with the standards of quality management and ecology can guarantee the company’s credibility in the international market. In LLC DSK there are processes certified by standards:

  • Quality management system: IATF 16949:2016
  • Environmental Management System: ISO-14001
  • Material Management System: MMOG / LE

The company has been actively implementing lean-tools since 2002. In the DSK shops there is nothing superfluous, the operators’ work is built considering the best productivity and ergonomics, and the production process is maximally protected from errors. By achieving maximum efficiency and environmental friendliness, DSK engineers have built the technological process in such a way as to minimize the amount of production waste. In particular, the design of the molds allows the secondary use of non-woven waste as a semi-finished product, and the modernization of the process of cutting fuel pipe blanks has reduced the amount of metal waste. In order to remain the market leader and offer modern and high-quality products, DSK LLC independently conducts research and tests of all products. This allows the company to timely identify all the properties of the product and fully meet all the requirements of the consumer. Testing of auto components includes daily quality control and research of promising products. Since2009, the accredited testing laboratory of carpet and noise insulating products has been operating in DSK. It is engaged in determining a set of material characteristics, including the sound absorption coefficient, wear resistance, durability, burning speed of the material, resistance to rot and odors.Thanks to the accreditation received in the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, DSK has the opportunity to conduct tests not only of its products, but also of products of other companies.

Plans: export and diversification
Flexibility of production is one of the important factors of the company’s survival in modern conditions. Therefore, the DSC seeks to apply the experience gained in working for the automotive industry to develop projects for the manufacturing of products not related to the automotive industry - this will help expand the range and maximize the loading of production lines. The company is also working out the opportunities for entering the export market, and experience in international standards is a favorable factor here. In parallel, the development of new automotive components continues. In recent years, several production lines have been launched. Thanks to new developments, the nomenclature includes such elements as a raised floor of the trunk, noise insulation of arches of wheels. The cars become more complicated and consumers become more attentive to the details. Therefore, the client-oriented nature of the DSK company will support the strong position and status of one of the leading auto component manufactures in Russia.

The DSK Group
Located in the Samara region, LLC DSK is one of the enterprises of the DSK group of companies.
In addition to LLC DSK, in the structure of DSK Group there are enterprises:

  • JSC TZTO (1996) - manufacture of pressed parts of the body of medium and small size;
  • LLC Motorika (2005) - manufacture of the module of the electric-petrol pump and plastic components;
  • LLC DIPO (2012) - JV with French Plastic Omnium - production of plastic fuel tanks;
  • LLC DESKA (2012) - JV with French DeftaGroup - production of carcasses and seat components.

Today, every second car in Russia is equipped with products of the DSK group of companies.The products are delivered to the countries of near and far abroad, including Brazil and Colombia.

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